Fitness clubs decided to make online training a new source of income :: Business :: RBC

They are also planning to develop the direction of online training in the network of clubs OrangeFitness and CityFitness. The company is working on issues of monetization (previously classes were only free), the quality of content, and ensuring the club’s copyright, because it is confident that the direction will become the trend of the coming […]

Hackers began to crack computers through Excel, using the panic around COVID-19

Microsoft experts warned users of a mass phishing attack with which attackers establish remote access to a computer. They send people emails that contain malicious Excel 4.0 macros. Hackers began to crack computers through Excel, using the panic around COVID-19. The attack started on May 12. People receive letters on behalf of the Johns Hopkins […]

Attacks on remote systems quadruple

TheBrute Force Cyberattacks Against Remote Desktop Systems (RDP)used by companies for teleworking have quadrupled in Spain, reaching 19 million in March, compared to 5 million in the previous month. This is clear from a report prepared by the cybersecurity company Kaspersky, which has analyzed the transition to teleworking of companies around the world, including Spain, […]

Why do great musicians travel to a remote island in Norway?

ABC Updated:04/29/2020 13:25 save A link between creativity and nature, with windows through which to look at the eternity of the infinite rough seas of the North. That, and some other important things, offers one of the best recording studios in the world, which is in nothing less than a remote island in Norway where […]

Court refuses to deal with Cristina’s request for remote sessions but winks

Carlos Rosenkrantz, president of the court, opted for a partial dissent based on an “in limmine” rejection of the issue, in line with the opinion presented last Tuesday by the interim attorney, Eduardo Casal. The other four votes –by Elena Highton de Nolasco, Juan Carlos Maqueda, Horacio Rosatti and Ricardo Lorenzetti- They were coinciding in […]

AvtoVAZ finally “scored” at the LADA Vesta Sport?

Apparently, no one needs the Russian “sports car”. AvtoVAZ was not used to admitting its mistakes, because the Russians didn’t need to release LADA Vesta Sport, the Russians risk never waiting. Nevertheless, the actions of the car factory in Togliatti make it clear that they don’t have any particular hopes for the Vesta sports at […]

Brazil will readmit Cuban doctors to not be able to fill vacancies | International

The Brazilian Government is preparing to hire again part of the 1,800 Cuban doctors who remain in the country after a cooperation agreement with Havana was broken in November 2018 after the attacks of the now president, Jair Bolsonaro, who accused the professionals of forming “guerrilla nuclei”. However, there are 757 vacancies due to the […]