Investment funds attract 614 million euros in June | Funds and Plans

The money that came out in terror from the investment funds in March returns strongly. During the month of June, the funds marketed in Spain registered net fund-raising worth 614 million euros, which has considerably reduced net redemptions in the toughest months of the Covid-19 stock crisis. According to preliminary data disclosed by Inverco, the […]

The ORF radio festival of Ö1, Ö3 and FM4

The ORF radio festival of Ö1, Ö3 and FM4 Three stations, three evenings, nine acts from July 9th to 11th: The first radio festival of Ö1, Ö3 and FM4 is a common large stage of the three stations for Austrian music in all its diversity. DO | 09 07 2020 | 19:00 UhrAlma (Ö1)People’s Aid […]

Coronavirus and tourism, how to rent a holiday home safely – Il Tempo

2020 will be a different summer for many Italians. After the difficult lockdown period, the desire for a holiday is felt, at the same time there is a strong need to organize a safe summer, also for health. So the holiday home, independent and easily accessible by its own means, becomes a valid alternative for […]

Living space in Freiburg is in short supply

View of Freiburg The city is considered an attractive place to live: Alsace is close at hand and there are many leisure activities. (Foto: Moment/Getty Images) Freiburg The southern Baden student city of Freiburg has always been good for surprises. From a political point of view, this was the last one: Two years ago, the first […]

Buy or rent real estate 2020? What is currently more worthwhile

New housing construction in Lower Saxony The burden of buying an apartment has remained constant in almost all cities. (Photo: dpa) Erfurt, Dusseldorf Are real estate still affordable? If you worry about your future income, you are reluctant to buy real estate. This is all the more true because purchase prices have increased significantly in […]

Greece regulates rents because of the corona crisis

Closed shop in Athens Entrepreneurs such as retailers and restaurateurs who have had to close due to corona restrictions can cut their rents by 40 percent. (Photo: dpa) Athens The real estate market in Greece had just recovered from the ten-year financial crisis when the corona recession is now causing new turbulence. The EU Commission […]

Algeciras, Tortosa … The most profitable coastal municipalities to rent

05/16/2019 12:04 – Updated: 05/20/2019 21:54 With the summer just around the corner and booming for the tourist rentalWhich areas of the Spanish coast are the most attractive to buy and rent? Which ones offer the best returns? According to DE Fotocasa data, the most profitable destinations are not found in the hottest towns or […]

Coronavirus. Paying your rent, another difficulty for the most modest

Owner of a former Parisian kiosk, Chantal managed to make ends meet by selling pancakes with sugar for 2 euros. But this month, after 7 weeks of confinement and an activity at a standstill, she will not have enough to pay her rent. Already affected by difficulties to buy food, the most modest, confronted with […]