Is Trump’s Announced Vaccine Really Ready?

It was on the night of Thursday 22 to Friday 23 October, during the last debate of the American presidential campaign. After a question about the coronavirus, Donald Trump paints the picture of the situation and then declares: “we have a vaccine coming. He is ready. It will be announced in a few weeks and […]

6:30 am news – Coronavirus: curfew benefits toy stores

Would the introduction of the curfew save the end of the year holidays? Two months before Christmas, the toy catalogs are already there and the customers too since the big brands are registering attendance increases really spectacular. As Franck Mathais, JouéClub spokesperson confides, “we are at + 25% growth at the end of October, therefore, […]

The news of 5h – Assassination of Samuel Paty: the two college students indicted

Justice has indicted seven people in connection with the investigation into the death of Samuel Paty, decapitated teacher Friday, October 16 for showing his students caricatures of Muhammad. Among those implicated, we find two college students who informed the assassin of the history teacher. The two students are indicted for having actively helped Abdullakh Anzorov […]

the French are fueling more and more on bioethanol

Green gasoline, bioethanol, has become the preferred fuel of the French. However, the SP95-E10 almost got taxed more. In the end the government backed down. This fuel is more and more popular, as a survey shows. Even Land Rover now runs on beet alcohol To paraphrase this famous slogan, today we can say: “in France, […]

Michel Cymes reveals the virtues of multiple B vitamins and where to find them

This Friday, October 16 is World Food Day. Yesterday I reviewed all the vitamins our body needs, except one: vitamin B. I reserve a special treatment for it because under the name “Vitamin B”, we find a large family. There is not one, but several B vitamins, the usefulness of which varies depending on the […]

New York City Becomes Epicenter Of Pandemic, WHO Says

Health authorities are asking everyone who has been in New York recently to quarantine themselves for 14 days because new sources of contamination have been detected in resorts where New Yorkers have taken refuge before confinement. New York is becoming the epicenter of the pandemic, the WHO says so. New York already represents a third […]

“Donald Trump will lose,” predicts Oliver Stone on RTL

One of the greatest directors of American cinema, Oliver Stone, was RTL’s guest this Thursday, October 8. The one who directed the shootings of Platoon, JFK or Wall Street, publishes his autobiography, In search of the light (editions of The Observatory), where we see from the cover one of the peculiarities of Oliver Stone: he […]

the Empire State Building transformed into a giant beacon

The famous tower that overlooks the Manhattan neighborhood in New York dropped its usual white lighting on Monday, March 30 for an intense red light that turns like an ambulance beacon. The Empire State Building wants to symbolize a beating heart, the heart of America, to support caregivers. But angst still reigns among many New […]

“Get vaccinated against the flu”, insists a doctor

As the coronavirus continues to spread in France and around the world, doctors fear the arrival of winter illnesses, such as a cold or the flu. The latter having symptoms similar to those of the coronavirus, health professionals fear a panic movement coupled with a double epidemic. Jean-Paul Hamon, Honorary President of the Federation of […]