teacher fired for showing Michelangelo’s ‘David’ to her students

A school principal has been fired for showing her students one of history’s greatest masterpieces: the David by Michelangelo, nude sculpture by the Italian artist. The Florence museum on Monday deplored the “twisted mind” of the “ignorant”. The photo of the actually naked David was shown during an art lesson to children between the ages […]

How did Amazon get scammed in the dumbest way?

From the height of his 22 years, James Gilbert Kwarteng played with the system ofAmazon for 3 years without being noticed. No need for super-powered computers or electronic hacking to scam the world number 1 in e-commerce of several hundred thousand euros. All it takes is a little… earth! The boy knew very well howAmazon. […]

CSI: Manhattan – S04 E01 – Blood for Freedom – CSI: Manhattan

The entire team investigates an unusual crime scene on top of the Statue of Liberty. A young woman, a security guard assigned to the site, is found with her throat slit. His partner has disappeared. Blood in quantity smears the head of the statue. After analysis, it turns out that it is not the only […]

Image – S01 E05 – Les héros de Quassar – Image

As they make their way through the Tinari desert, our heroes are attacked by a band of dangerous imago hunters and owe their salvation only to the intervention of BAKARI and SOFIA, two adult arkanist warriors on their way to the Palace. to face Damballa. Wanting to prove her maturity to Bakari, Awa confides a […]

did the favorite die poisoned to remain beautiful?

Portrait of Diane de Poitiers in mourning for her husband Louis de Breze around 1550, by Francois Clouet. Credit: Photo Josse / Leemage via AFP Known for her beauty, her religious ambitions and her influence at the Royal Court, Diana of Poitiers has intrigued historians. What was then the surprise in 2010, when opening his […]

Grey’s anatomy – S11 E07 – On oublie tout – Grey’s Anatomy

Confided in Doctor Herman’s secret, Arizona must make an important decision on her own. Maggie resents Meredith. Amelia must deal with her dark past being exposed throughout the hospital. Wilson is about to do solo surgery. French versionOriginal Version French SubtitlesTeletext subtitling40m March 16, 2023 at 7:10 PM

How a simple camera caused a huge riot?

On July 2, 1991, cult hard rock band the Guns’N’Roses performed at the Riverport Amphitheater in Missouri, USA, as part of their tour “Use Your Illusion Tour”. Suddenly, a small spark of nothing at all will put thepowder fire. As the band performs the track “Rocket Queen”, Axl Rose suddenly leaps into the audience and […]

what diet to adopt to keep a healthy brain?

A new American study has just shown that a Mediterranean-style diet seems particularly beneficial for brain health. It is a diet that emphasizes fresh vegetables and fruits, fish, legumes, whole grains and nuts. The researchers followed the diet of elderly people who agreed to donate their brains when they died. They found that people who […]

in Toulouse, a retired dentist donates his equipment to Lviv hospital

A touching story. Léon, a retired dental surgeon, decided to donate his old equipment to Ukraine. The ex-practitioner thus wishes to help Lviv hospital, located in the west of the country. The man could not find a buyer for his dental practice in three years. Upon learning of the existence of the Montalbanaise OccItalien associationwhich […]

CSI: Miami – S07 E12 – Blackout – CSI: Miami

Police arrest a man, Doug Benson, who was wandering haggard on the streets of Miami, his clothes covered in blood. The man thinks he killed someone but he doesn’t remember anything. Horatio and his team will do everything to help him regain his memory. Experts discover that the blood found on Benson’s clothing belongs to […]