Raffl returns to the NHL after nine years – Sportmix

Surprise in the NHL! Michael Raffl is leaving the Dallas Stars after the end of his contract and will be hunting for goals in Switzerland in the future. Born in Villach, he is leaving the top American ice hockey league after nine years and returning to Europe. The 33-year-old is now playing for Lausanne HC […]

parents, coin, football | Jewish General

parentsThe Supreme Court in Israel ruled that a non-biological parent who has been granted parental status by court order cannot have that status revoked if the couple separates. The court found that the status was equivalent to that of biological parenthood. “This is a fundamental act designed to protect the rights of both parents as […]

Aaron Judge, second fastest to reach 200 home runs in the MLB

The star slugger of the New York Yankees, Aaron Judge, became the second player in the history of Major League Baseball to reach 200 home runs faster, after hitting his number 42 on Saturday in an 8×2 win against the Yankees. Kansas City Royals. The HR #200 of @thejudge44 in @the majors! 💪🚀 pic.twitter.com/GYAAHj3qOD — […]

Expert: People are afraid of losing their apartment – Vienna

The increased key interest rate could now cause even more problems for many citizens. Experts are already sounding the alarm. Last week, the European Central Bank raised interest rates for the first time in over eleven years. The consequences for citizens are devastating in some areas. Experts are now giving important advice on how to […]

Instagram pauses updates to look like TikTok

Meta, which has just unveiled the first decline in its turnover since its creation, is facing the wrath of some Instagram users. What’s next after this ad After launching a much-maligned new version of Instagram, Meta plans to pause the social network’s transformation into a copycat of TikTok. At least until the storm calms down, […]

Höjlund double pack! Storm forces Salzburg to its knees – football

Sturm Graz shocks the master! Christian Ilzer’s team inflicted the first defeat on Red Bull Salzburg with a 2-1 win in the second round. Man of the game for the snappy Styrians was Rasmus Höjlund, who gave Sturm a brace to win, benefited from a buck from Salzburg goalkeeper Philipp Köhn in the 23rd minute […]

Rififi burglary via a hole in the ground: “They were idiots” – Austria

Instead of breaking down the front door or smashing a window, burglars entered an antique shop from below. As “Heute” reported, strangers used brute force to gain access to an antique shop in the Gries district of Graz. First, the perpetrators penetrated into the basement of an apartment building. Using hydraulic tools, they then broke […]

Quarantine off – now your own wife is going to smoke – politics

The government has decided to end the quarantine, but not only the SPÖ is raging. The wife of Minister Johannes Rauch is now also criticizing her husband. At the crisis summit between state leaders and the federal government on Monday, shreds flew. The SPÖ state leaders Michael Ludwig, Hans Peter Doskozil and Peter Kaiser are […]