After Trump was exiled: Twitter could only get it wrong

Monday, January 18, 2021 After Trump’s exile Twitter could only get it wrong From Kevin Schulte @realDonaldTrump has been history for almost two weeks. Most recently, the outgoing US president had almost 90 million followers on Twitter. Then his account was shut down. Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram also banned him permanently. But is this type […]

US Republicans need the courage to repent and come to terms with things

Is this what the future of the “grand old party” looks like? Supporters of US President Donald Trump in front of the Capitol. The Republican Party gives Trump a disastrous picture after four years. Can she reinvent herself? Joel Marklund / Witters / Bildbyran Start your free trial month now! Complete the free trial month […]

Facebook blocks Trump at least until the transfer of power to Biden

Donald Trump (l) and Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg The lockdown was triggered by Trump’s contributions to his supporters storming the Washington Capitol on Wednesday. (Photo: AFP) San Francisco Two weeks before Donald Trump leaves office, Mark Zuckerberg finds the words that many have been waiting for years from the Facebook boss: “The shocking events of […]

Facebook locks US presidents in capitol after escalation

Facebook reacts to the events in Washington and the provocations of the president: Boss Zuckerberg announces that Trump’s account will remain blocked – at least until the handover. Photo series with 30 pictures The outgoing US President Donald Trump remains blocked from Facebook until further notice. Trump’s accounts on the online network and also on […]

Split in the US: Democrats vs. republican

San Francisco On a Saturday afternoon in December, seven Democrats sit in front of their webcams in Boston, Seattle and Philadelphia discussing whether they are “socialists” or “baby killers”. Or are they rather decried as “elitist” and “anti-American”? “They say we Democrats don’t have the borders under control,” shouts Bill *, who dialed in from […]

Biden Blames Trump for Stalling Transition | The World | DW

The president-elect of the United States, Democrat Joe Biden, assured this Monday (12/28/2020) that the people appointed by Donald Trump in the Pentagon were stalling the transition and warned that, as a result, the United States faces security risks. The same would have happened with those in charge of the Office of Management and Budget […]

Washington State spends its own money

Washington Governeur Jay Inslee Nearly 100,000 independent contractors, temps and self-employed would be paid $ 550 per person over the coming week. (Photo: AP) Washington Because of the blockade of the Corona aid package, the US state of Washington is stepping into the breach with support payments to those in need. Nearly 100,000 independent contractors, […]

Biden warns Trump of “devastating consequences”

Democrats and Republicans had fought hard to get the new Corona aid package. But now President Trump is blocking the agreement. His successor Joe Biden fears dire consequences. Photo series with 14 pictures Shortly before the start of the Christmas holidays, the corona restrictions in Washington DC were tightened again. Restaurants in the US capital […]

Economy, trade & finance: ROUNDUP 2: Cyber ​​attack on government alarms USA

WASHINGTON The US agency for cyber and infrastructure security (CISA) classifies the latest hacker attack on American government institutions as “serious danger”. It announced in a warning on Thursday that the removal of the attacker from affected systems will likely be “highly complex”. The cyber attack has been going on since at least March. The […]

Handelsblatt Morning Briefing: Refusal to work as a future project

Good morning dear readers, The most beautiful thing is always when debts or under-tax receipts offset each other through the beautiful device of economic growth. It should be the same with the new federal budget, which would not exist without 180 billion euros in new loans. “We will grow out of the crisis,” said Finance […]