The dangerous shadow world of Donald Trump

The ex-president has a problem: most of the mass media ignore him. He remains blocked on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube. That is why Donald Trump has created his own dangerous media reality. “I want our country back,” said Donald Trump a few days ago in an interview with Bill O’Reilly, the well-known Fox News commentator […]

Biden’s Wrath: ‘Meteorite Coming to US Economy’ – North America

“A meteorite is hitting the American economy”: is the alarm raised by US President Joe Biden who called “dangerous and shameful” the behavior of Republicans who refuse to do their job and to raise the debt ceiling by avoiding “a catastrophe”. “They do it only to cover the tax cuts and increased spending under Donald […]

With vaccination parties against Covid in the hotspot Tennessee

Right-wing activists demonstrate in Tennessee against vaccination requirements Tennessee is an example of what characterizes the American Covid and vaccination campaign: politicization and disinformation. Bild:¬†LightRocket/Getty Images Chattanooga, Tennessee LaDarius Price celebrated his 41st birthday on Saturday in a very special way. The American of color has invited hundreds of people to the Vaccine Drive party […]

After Hariri’s apology, this is what the Republican Palace announced

The Information Office of the Presidency of the Republic issued the following statement: President of the Republic, General Michel Aoun, received this afternoon, Prime Minister-designate Saad Hariri, and discussed with him the formation of the new government. During the meeting, President Aoun presented to the President-designate his remarks on the proposed line-up, asking to discuss […]

Germany and the USA are ‘close friends’

WASHINGTON After severe German-American turbulence in recent years, US President Joe Biden and Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) have made a clear commitment to the transatlantic partnership. “We are not just allies and partners, we are nations that are close friends,” said Merkel on Thursday in Washington after a detailed conversation with Biden. He presented the […]

Charges against Donald Trump’s corporation? Prosecutors with deadline

Although he is no longer in office, ex-US President Donald Trump makes it into the headlines again and again. Now it’s about his company: The decision should be made by this afternoon whether charges will be brought. Photo series with 11 pictures Donald Trump is no longer in the White House – but the former […]

Trump continues to pull the Republican strings despite Twitter ban

June 7, 2021 at 12:29 pm Ex-President turns 75 : Trump continues to pull the Republican strings despite Twitter ban US President Donald Trump celebrates his 75th birthday on June 14th. Photo: dpa/Patrick Semansky Washington Donald Trump is celebrating his first birthday since leaving the White House. His influence with the Republicans is unbroken. On […]

Loss of reality: Trump’s unbroken influence on the US Republicans

“Stop the Steal”: In a widely acclaimed speech, Trump urged his supporters to disrupt the certification of the election result. Photo by Voice of America / CC-PD-Mark The ex-president, who did not want to leave power, never had a national majority. The “electoral system” from which he benefited has a racist origin On November 3, […]

Global corporate minimum taxes are taking shape

Olaf Scholz The Federal Minister of Finance speaks of a breakthrough in the negotiations on a global minimum tax. (Photo: dpa) Berlin, Brussels Politics thrives on personal exchange – hardly possible in times of pandemic. On Thursday the time had finally come again: Olaf Scholz got on the plane to Lisbon to travel to the […]