6 Benefits of Vitamin A for the Body

KOMPAS.com – Vitamin A is an important nutrient that supports various body performance. Vitamin A deficiency and excess vitamin A can both harm health. For that, everyone needs to meet the needs of vitamin A per day in sufficient quantities. Also read: 7 Benefits of Vitamin B Complex for Health Reporting from Live Science, the […]

End of service for the giant Arecibo radio telescope

Published on : 21/11/2020 – 15:26 It is a monument – in every sense of the word – of astrophysics that is going to be demolished. Arecibo’s giant radio telescope in Puerto Rico, also famous in popular culture, as it has appeared in many films, such as “Goldeneye” or “Contact with Jodie Foster, cannot be […]

Patients, caregivers, young people, people in precariousness … The pandemic also has a psychological impact

The psychological consequences of the health crisis are worrying. Those suffered by Covid patients to begin with. “At least 20% of them have psychological consequences: chronic anxiety disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, depressive pathology. The neuro-inflammatory disturbances caused by the virus could be one of the determining factors ”, wrote the Academy of Medicine in a […]

Two investigations opened against the Trump family for possible tax fraud

Two judicial investigations, one criminal and one civil, were opened in New York State by possible tax fraud of President Donald Trump and his companies and others linked to his family, which could have procured inappropriate deductions to the president, indicated exclusively The New York Times. Manhattan District Judge Cyrus R. Vance is investigating a […]

5G: three out of 5 smartphones will cost less than 600 dlrs in 2022 – Tlc

(ANSA) – ROME, NOV 20 – In 2022, 5G smartphone deliveries will amount to 549.3 million units and, of these, three out of five (60%) will cost less than $ 600. Analysts at Abi Research predict this, according to which the development and introduction on the market of more diversified and cheaper phones will be […]

Corona: THIS known drug prevents a severe course

Updated: 11/19/2020 – 9:44 am Prevents cytokine storm This antidepressant protects against a severe corona course Photo: iStock.com/andos.media In the search for effective drugs against Covid-19, researchers are also examining existing drugs. New hope for avoiding severe disease: Fluvoxamine, an antidepressant. In the case of severe Covid 19 courses, one complication is feared above all: […]

5G, only 1 in 5 companies took action to seize opportunities – Tlc

5G enables a large number of applications and new high-speed services but the market is still in its infancy and most companies that can benefit from this technology show little awareness on the subject: just 24% have a solid understanding of the technological characteristics. and the potential of the new networks. This is highlighted by […]

New target discovered for possible HIV treatment

17. November 2020 07:21 Dennis L. Researchers from Austria were able to identify a previously unknown mechanism of the HI virus, which plays a central role in the reproduction in the human body. Innsbruck (Austria). Although medicine has made enormous advances in the treatment of AIDS in recent years and HIV can be treated better […]