Many questions about killed Russians in Ukrainian video, UN wants investigation

Telegram NOS News•Monday, 6:06 PM•Amended Monday, 21:14 Christian Paauwe Foreign Editor Christian Paauwe Foreign Editor “Which one of you is an officer?” a Ukrainian soldier shouts on the video. Russians come out of a farmhouse with their hands up and lay down next to each other on the ground. “Is everyone outside?” the Ukrainian continues […]

The Npf conundrum: “The amount of medical events seems to matter”

Genetics play a major role in the development of ADHD and autism. That is to say, there are often several within the same family and relatives who have some neuropsychiatric impairment. At the same time, the research community is trying to piece together a complicated puzzle consisting of various so-called environmental factors that – in […]

Experts: Turkey is testing the US and Russia

Although the air strike comes a week after a bomb attack in Istanbul in which six people were killed, they believe that the military offensive has been planned for a long time. Turkey believes Kurdish organizations in Syria are behind and describes the attacks as retaliation. At the same time, this is an area Turkish […]

Spotify S share: Here you should take a closer look! ()

Spotify is trading at $76.99 on the stock market on 11/21/2022, 3:52 p.m. The company is listed under “Telecom Services”. We analyzed Spotify’s prospects based on 5 major categories. The stock receives a partial rating for each category. In an overall view, the results lead to the classification as “Buy”, “Hold” or “Sell”. 1. Investors: […]

ITM Power: Short seller Citadel Advisors withdraws somewhat – Aktiennews (

Sheffield ( – Short seller Citadel Advisors LLC moderately reduces net short position in ITM Power shares: The short sellers of the hedge fund Citadel Advisors LLC are withdrawing from their short sale activities in the shares of the electrolysis specialist ITM Power plc (ISIN: GB00B0130H42, WKN: A0B57L, ticker symbol: IJ8). The financial professionals of […]

Scientists warn of a possible cancer epidemic in Europe over the next decade

The covid-19 pandemic has exposed the weaknesses of health systems in the treatment of cancer, as well as the shortcomings of cancer research throughout Europe. “Urgent improvements are needed in these areas because otherwise progress against this disease will be delayed by almost a decade.” This is the warning of a report prepared by a […]

Celebrities who traveled to Qatar

A few days before the start of the World Cup, several famous men and women packed their bags for Qatar. Some did it as a family like Diego Brancatelli who plans his trip with his wife and children and others, for work like La China Suárez, Diego Latorre and Vicky Xipolitakis. China Suárez together with […]