The United States lifts the flight restrictions to Cuba imposed by Trump

EP Updated:06/02/2022 14:39h Save Related news The United States Secretary of State, Antony Blinkenexplained that the US Executive has lifted this Wednesday a series of flight restrictions to Cuba imposed by former President Donald Trump. The US Department of Transportation has issued the order at the request of Blinken, who has explained that the action […]

Ministers contradict each other when the corona is relaxed | – News

Status: 03/10/2022 7:30 p.m Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD) and the state leaders had actually agreed that all “profound protective measures” should be dropped by March 20th. Members of the state government made contradictory statements at the state parliament session in Schwerin as to whether this opening step would really come in the state. by Anna-Lou […]

Dollar exchange rate. Forecast for March 9-11 – Finance – Kommersant

Vladimir Evstifeev,head of analytical department The ruble will inevitably remain highly volatile The ruble remains in a vacuum as trading on the Russian exchanges is still closed. Under these conditions, the Russian currency is more responsive to the flow of geopolitical news, while at the same time evaluating measures to support and protect the ruble […]

Why is the forint falling? Can war have a positive effect on the Hungarian economy?

Russia attacked Ukraine at dawn on Thursday. In this context, we asked Concorde’s senior macroeconomic analyst, Sándor Jobbágy about the possible impact of the war on the Hungarian economy and what conclusions can be drawn from what we have seen so far. Why did the forint fall? When a global capital market impact prevails, as […]

In these countries, the use of the mask in open spaces is no longer mandatory

The use of the mask is no longer mandatory in more than 10 European countries. Spain, Italy, Sweden, Poland, Portugal, among others, have eliminated restrictions due to the large number of people vaccinated and the decrease in the danger of the variant omicron In the case of New York (United States), its governor Kathy Hochul, […]

“Restrictions will soon be a thing of the past”

AGI – “Restrictions will soon be a thing of the past”. Interviewed by the Financial Times, Anthony Fauci is more optimistic than ever about the progress of the coronavirus epidemic and indicates a perspective in which local health authorities will manage the response to the virus and no longer the Biden administration. The advisor to […]