Boost your retirement income with life insurance

(Photo: 123RF) YOUR BUSINESS. It has long been said that interest rates will go up. That’s it, here we are! If you are a retiree of the type who lives “from your interest” on guaranteed deposits and if you do not want to touch your capital so as not to deprive your children of this […]

Pension: increase in 2022 – from when you will get more money

Berlin The pension increases sharply from July 1st. However, the higher amounts are not paid out to all pensioners at the same time. From July 1st, the 21 million pensioners in Germany can look forward to significantly higher pension payments. Pensions will increase by 5.35 percent in the West and by 6.12 percent in the […]

A previous meeting with the late Kuwaiti artist Youssef Muhammad reveals the reason for leaving art… and the job he took after retiring • Al Marsad Newspaper

Al-Marsad newspaper: The late Kuwaiti artist Youssef Muhammad revealed the reason for his retirement from art in his last appearance with the “Wenk” program. Youssef Muhammad said: “I was singing at a party where people were drinking alcohol and others were dancing and playing, and one of our people who was present at the party […]

J.A. Happ Retires – MLB Trade Rumors

Veteran lefty JA Happ has retired after spending parts of 15 seasons in the Major Leagues. The 39-year-old discussed his career, his journey to pro ball and his decision to step away from the game in an appearance on the Heart Strong Podcast with Jessica Lindberg. Happ acknowledges that he went “back and forth for […]

Europe starts in the green, Asia mixed

European markets were heading into the green on Monday despite short-term economic risks, motivated by a rebound in sight on Wall Street which did not, however, completely reassure Asian markets. Read alsoThe French still have an appetite for the stock market In Europe, Paris rose by 0.16%, London took 0.68% and Frankfurt 0.75% around 08:20 […]

How to save in retirement with a reverse mortgage?

Having a quiet retirement without stress to reach the end of the month seems far from reality. Retirees receive an average public pension of 1,250 euros. Those who have worked as self-employed hardly exceed 830 euros per month, according to the latest Social Security data. The best-known option to get through this stage is the […]

Holcim strengthens in France by buying six quarries from the Famy group

The Swiss cement and concrete giant Holcim is strengthening in France, in particular in the Rhône-Alpes region, by buying six quarries from the Famy group, active in aggregates, he announced on Tuesday without disclosing the amount of the transaction. These quarries located in the East of France are “ideally located” to supply the regions of […]

Many incidents marred the May Day demonstration in Paris

The first tensions took place only a few minutes after the departure of the procession, at the beginning of the afternoon. A very mobile group of demonstrators, wearing black clothes, gloves and masks, broke away from the main procession to clash with the police. They tried to put up a barricade using palisades and attacked […]

Russian authorities cite seizure of assets from countries deemed hostile

Russian authorities hinted on Sunday that Russian assets from certain countries deemed hostile could be seized, in response to the US administration’s proposal to liquidate assets seized from Russian oligarchs and transfer the proceeds to the Ukraine. Read alsoWar in Ukraine: Turkish presidential spokesman meets Zelensky in kyiv «It is right, with regard to a […]