why “Die for You” is a hit six years after its release

Rewrite this content Crdits photo : DR A decade was enough to make The Weeknd the most popular artist of his generation. Since the release of his first album in 2013, the Canadian singer has played hits that have taken him to the top, from “The Hills” “Starboy” to “Can’t Feel My Face”, “I Feel […]

UC Film Festival has a successful return to face-to-face

Rewrite this content Little or nothing was said in Chile about tapes like EOthe Polish production recently nominated for Best International Film for the Oscars 2023. In fact, the only opportunity to see this story of a donkey’s journey and misunderstandings in Europe occurred this Monday, January 23, thanks to the premiere of this film […]

Live from the universe: Successful and appreciated return for this singer

Rewrite this content BY S. DUPUIS It’s one of Quebecers’ favorite programs and every Saturday it is very popular. Yesterday she had a great success again! Viewers are unanimous, they loved the show dedicated to Denis Lévesque. Whether on the performance of his daughters, Myriam and Andréanne, that of his wife Pascale Wilhelmy or that […]

Athens, negotiations on the Parthenon marbles underway but not easy – World

“We have come a long way, progress has been made and efforts continue; negotiations are not easy.” This was stated by Greek government spokesman Yiannis Oikonomou during the daily meeting with the press, answering questions on the negotiations between Athens and the British Museum for the possible return of the famous friezes of the Parthenon. […]

Green Vault: Deal closed in the process of the Dresden jewel theft

The deal was preceded by agreements that led to the return of part of the loot, but the other side did not fully comply with the agreements, as the judge announced on Tuesday. In addition, parts of the jewelry were damaged due to improper storage and cleaning attempts to remove traces. deal in criminal proceedings […]

What are the 3 reasons to choose a life insurance with return? | News

Life insurance with return has grown significantly in the market in recent months, because they are more accessible and offer the alternative of recovering the investment, which can be very useful in the medium or long term. “A life insurance with return or life insurance with return, as it is also known, is one that […]

Catch him if you can – Hi-Tech – Kommersant

The return of greenhouse gas emissions to pre-pandemic levels has led to the intensification of projects aimed at capturing and processing carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. New projects are designed to combat greenhouse gas emissions in industries that are one of their main producers – in transport and energy. Scientists in the US and Europe […]