ASUS ZenFone 7 Pro detailed review in Romanian

ASUS ZenFone 6 started with pomp last year in Valencia and I am shocked to find that setting again and again in movies, from “Westworld” season 3 at “Bill and Ted Face the Music” the newly launched one. A year ago, the ZenFone 6 continues to be the only rotary camera phone that has not […]

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G Review detailed in Romanian

Would be Samsung Galaxy Note 20 comes after a Note 10 which had already fundamentally changed the target audience for Samsung. Note 10+ was the ideal phone for vloggers, with the best footage on the market and AR Doodle features that can generate viral content. Samsung steered the ship in another direction with Galaxy Note […]

Medal of Honor returns after years, this time exclusively on VR

After years, the Medal of Honor comes to life and is preparing for the next part. Respectively, it is being prepared by the creators from the Respawn Entertainment studio, and as we have known for a long time, it will be available only for virtual reality. At least from the beginning, Medal of Honor: Above […]

Rocksteady has officially introduced Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League

Yesterday we saw the unveiling of the Gotham Knights cooperative event from the Montreal studio WB Games, but that’s not all that concerns the gaming future of the DC University. Rocksteady Studio has finally shown its new project, which we have been speculating about for many years, and only recently has it become clear that […]

WB Games features Gotham Knights

It is hard to believe that five long years have passed since the release of the last game with Batman in the lead role. We generally remember the year 2015, in modern game history it was one of the very rich and in addition to the completion of the Arkham trilogy, it brought, for example, […]

Spencer: The number of Xbox consoles sold doesn’t matter

There is no need to argue that the two main rivals follow different paths in the field of consoles. While Sony relies on its exclusive titles and more traditional approach (although things could change in this regard, the launch of Horizon: Zero Dawn on a PC is quite possibly just the first swallow), Xbox focuses […]

Marvel’s Avengers: A potential hit, or the next Anthem?

The fact that Marvel’s Avengers are supposed to appear on our screens in a few weeks, there is definitely no tense anticipation in the air, so the famous hype train is not just blowing at the station. Quite possibly, it is simply because the autumn season will bring more attractive titles. Or maybe the Avengers […]

Charles Bukowski a century later. Great poet, drunk and enlightened

The centenary of Charles Bukowski, born on August 16, 1920, destined to arouse many memories and nostalgia above all, is to be believed, among those who read it as a child, in the troubled and visionary seventies. Especially in Europe, because the cult was born in Germany, in France and here in Italy, where Feltrinelli […]