DFB sports court: Dynamo Dresden has to pay a fine of 300,000 euros

At the time, Wehlend was horrified: “A clear limit was crossed with the violent entry into the cabin wing, in which two stewards were injured, and the threat to players, supervisors and employees.” It was already clear before the hearing that Dynamo would have to pay properly. Each individual Bengalo costs 600 euros for a […]

14 injured after the Hansa game: investigations against fans

Rostock/Hamburg (dpa) – After the football game between FC Hansa Rostock and Hamburger SV on Sunday, the police are investigating a number of violent spectators. A police spokesman said on Monday that 14 people, including 12 police officers, were injured in clashes and the throwing of pyrotechnics. Among other things, there were massive attacks on […]

damage counts and bipartisan condemnation

The damage count has begun – bins, construction sites, shop windows, walls – the first reactions to the urban guerrilla that broke out last night in Florence North arrive during the demonstration of the anarcho-antagonists and autonomous against the eviction, which took place in recent days, of the building occupied in the avenue Corsica. Three […]

Are Marseille ultras in the neutral sector today?

FC Basel is closing the guest sector today after the riots in Marseille. 4000 fans from France now bought tickets in the neutral block. Marseille supporters run away after firing Pyros at FC Basel fans. – Twitter @France3Provence Ad the essentials in brief FC Basel meets Marseille at home today (6.45 p.m.) in the second […]

South Africa, 45 dead and at least 757 arrests in protests – Last Hour

(ANSA) – JOHANNESBURG, JUL 13 – In two provinces of South Africa, shops were looted again today, for the fifth day in a row, with President Cyril Ramaphosa who deployed soldiers to quell the riots that caused 45 victims. At least 757 people have been arrested, most of them in Johannesburg, police minister Bheki Cele […]

Anger march on Saturday: Frankfurt bans anti-Israel demonstration | Regional

Frankfurt – No hatred of Israel on Frankfurt’s streets! Security department head Markus Frank (52, CDU) forbids the anger activists to march on Saturday. also read The organizer of the demonstration calls for a free Palestine “from the river to the sea” – that is, the erasure of Israel. The demonstration posters show soldiers with […]

Youth riot in several German cities | Currently Germany | DW

Late on Saturday evening in downtown Stuttgart, several police officers were injured and young rioters were provisionally arrested in clashes between numerous young people and the police. According to the police, between 500 and 600 people had gathered on the popular open staircase on Schlossplatz, even though it had been cleared the evening before. The […]

Israel. State of emergency declared in the city of Lod after “riots” by the

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Wednesday declared a state of emergency in the city of Lod (68,000 inhabitants) in the center of the country, a theater in recent hours according to police “Riots” of the Arab minority. In a statement, the Prime Minister said he had given the green light to declare ” emergency […]

“Brexit exposed the weaknesses of the peace process”

Berlin – The unrest in Northern Ireland since Easter has raised concerns about the fragile peace in the British province. In Belfast, mostly young rioters regularly fight nightly street battles with the police. The riots come mainly from pro-British unionists angry about the consequences of Brexit. The violence is now spreading to the pro-Irish nationalist […]