Against data silos: From data sharing to the platform

PwC-Studie 2021: Beyond Banking Around 95 percent of German banks want to operate their own digital ecosystem or participate in one in the next five years; a good half are already planning this for 2022. Like the PwC study “The new pillar of the business model? Relevance of digital ecosystems for German banks – survey […]

Symposium at Güttler Logistik: Saving money with certainty

Investing in security pays off in multiple ways. A trans aktuell symposium on October 14th at Güttler Logistik in Hof / Saale will show how freight forwarders and factory transport can reduce their frequency of claims and increase profitability. 27.08.2021 Matthias Rathmann Every euro spent on security is an investment in the future. With trained […]

Do not neglect wearing a mask (by RiskAssur published by FRANOL Services)

To write a comment Do not neglect the wearing of the mask Article read 1961 times, since its publication on 07/28/2021 at 10:20:21 (length: 2740 characters) For many, protective masks are difficult to endure all day at work, we found a summary of good practices for wearing a mask without too much embarrassment in this […]

Credit Suisse Switzerland: Compliance chief leaves the bank

Swiss credit The major Swiss bank was recently faced with a whole series of staff departures. (Photo: dpa) Zürich Credit Suisse loses another high-ranking manager. Credit Suisse announced on Monday that Floriana Scarlato decided to leave the bank. She is stepping down as Head of Compliance for Swiss Universal Bank (SUB) in Switzerland with immediate […]

When is it time to change technology providers?

The time comes for every company to take stock of its technology portfolio. For example, the company grew not only in size but also in business maturity, and one or more of its technology providers did not have the capacity or resources to keep up with these changes. The following is a checklist that companies […]

How financial institutions can differentiate themselves today

Carsten Dalquen is Account Director Digital at the IT service provider Macaw The financial sector has undergone significant changes in the past few years. As new players, fintechs are putting pressure on traditional financial institutions, and customer behavior has changed fundamentally. Today, banking and insurance customers are more informed and more willing than ever to […]

Dr. Christoph Bruns and Ufuk Boydak (LOYS AG): Risk Management

06.05.2021 – Observers of life know that big words are subject to wear and tear or inflation over time. Sometimes they are watered down beyond recognition through overuse. The words ‘love’, ‘friendship’, ‘responsibility’, ‘sustainability’, ‘social’ and most recently ‘justice’ are examples of such developments. In business life and especially in the financial market, the term […]

Co-op between ‘Die Bayerische’ and Nürnberger Versicherung

“For Bayerische, innovations and speed in the development of customer-oriented solutions are of paramount importance. And as a medium-sized company, we are convinced that cooperation between insurers in selected fields can release special forces. We build on cooperation and on sharing very good ideas. In this way we want to achieve more success together in […]

End-to-end view in banks and insurance companies as a competitive factor

The triad of people, technology and process determines success Technologies such as BPM platforms (Business Process Management), RPA (Robotic Process Automation), artificial intelligence and process mining offer great potential for options for action. However, the digital maturity of the companies is often not yet sufficient for their use. Although banks and insurance companies have gained […]