The Ministry of Education warned that there is still a risk of avalanches in the passes

The Ministry of Emergency Situations (EMERG) warns of the possibility of avalanches in mountainous regions and passes of Kyrgyzstan due to the rains that have fallen and are expected on May 23-24. According to information, avalanches and snowstorms are expected at the Chon-Ashuu pass on the 74-86 kilometers of the Karakol-Enilchek road, on the 52-68 […]

Tadó: rural communities are at risk of displacement due to antipersonnel mines

Taken from Consonant. By BEATRIZ VALDES CORREA. After the explosion of a mine in the village of Tabor, the Afro and indigenous peoples of the area affirm that they are afraid to return to the countryside and that, if these events persist, they could be displaced. Tadó is one of the ten Chocó municipalities on […]

Lesson 2: Where should risk management in the insurance industry start?

In the past time, many customers have complained about being “forced” to buy insurance through banking channels when they come to borrow money or save money. (Illustration) According to the Vietnam Insurance Association, the complaints and grievances of customers about the products and services of life insurance companies in the past time, are mostly related […]

“Interest rate hikes put the entire economy at risk”: Petro

The President of the Republic, Gustavo Petro, has called attention to the country’s private banks due to the increase in interest rates that, according to him, put the entire productive economy of Colombia at risk. “Interest rate hikes put the country’s entire productive economy at risk. The Government must mitigate this risk and that is […]

One car after another is on fire, property and people are at risk. Are they links?

Last year they set fire to 13, this year already six. Denník Korzár brings you the most interesting information and the most read news on our website about current events, especially in eastern Slovakia. The article continues below the video advertisement The article continues below the video advertisement Imrecze gave them a heavy fine for […]

Risk management and audit failures

We also know that the Silicon Valley Bank collapsed only 14 days after the global auditing firm, KPMG, issued an unmodified report “without reservation.” The same thing happened with Signature Bank, which went bankrupt 11 days after the accounting firm granted its unmodified report to the bank. Then followed the collapse of the third bank […]

Only gave birth to 3 girls and 1 boy “pregnant with quadruplets after 9 months”. The mother of the child is struggling with whether to have children… The ending is super sad | International | CTWANT

A wife in Zhejiang, China, gave birth to quadruplets in June last year, and she conceived quadruplets again after 9 months. (Picture / flip from Douyin) Ultra rare! There is a 31-year-old Ms. Hao in Zhejiang, China. She successfully gave birth to quadruplets with 1 girl and 3 boys in June last year. She often […]