Metropolises rely on new traffic plans

Bike paths Many new cycle paths were created in the Corona crisis. (Photo: dpa) Brussels, Paris, Berlin At a walking pace, the queues of cars push themselves into the city in the morning and out again in the evening: day in, day out in Brussels in normal times, the traffic in the Belgian capital is […]

A person with a coronavirus gave advice: COVID-19 masquerades as anything

The first symptoms are fever and headache. I made a selection of the sick person’s advice so that you would not step on my rake and lose the precious time needed for quick diagnosis and treatment. Advice 1: “Threw” throat – watch out. It all started in this way. There was no sore throat. Rather, […]

Five longing goals for the new era after Corona

Hamburg “Caught in paradise” is one of the favorite media phrases these days. While the Federal Foreign Office is tirelessly trying to bring tourists from New Zealand or the Caribbean home with “Operation Airlift”, others have set up in their microcosm and are collecting memories from the real or virtual photo archive. Now there are […]

Natalia Podolskaya revealed the circumstances of the death of his father

Father Natalia Podolskaya crashed in a car, trying to save her. The singer told about this on the show “Secret to a Million.” The tragedy occurred in 2006. Natalya collided with another car due to her little driving experience. “It was a crossroads with a stop sign. My mistake is that I drove a sign, […]

The cross roads of Rodin and Giacometti

Although apparently very different styles, Auguste Rodin and Alberto Giacometti are two very similar geniuses. Demonstrating it is the purpose of the exhibition dedicated to them by the Mapfre Foundation, which covers the magnificent work of two of the strongest pillars of modern sculpture. They did not know each other, but they crossed their paths, […]