Diego Boneta is captured with Renata Notni; talk about romance (Video)

Millennium Digital Mexico City / 11.05.2021 11:18:31 Diego Boneta is the actor of the moment after the success of the second season of Luis Miguel, the series where he gives life anew to account Sun. After a vacation on the Mexican beaches, the famous one returned to the city and on his way through the […]

Onirik – VOD: The Mitchell against the machines

Official presentation Katie Michell, a passionate young girl with boundless creativity, is accepted into the university of her dreams. When she had planned to take the plane to settle at the university, her father Rick, a great nature lover, decides that the whole family should accompany her by car for a road-trip memorable and enjoy […]

Esmeralda Pimentel shares video kissing with Osvaldo Benavides

Millennium Digital Mexico City / 28.04.2021 17:26:23 Esmeralda Pimentel and Osvaldo Benavides became one of the most popular couples in the Mexican celebrity in 2018, the year in which they made their relationship official, but at the end of 2019 the actress revealed on the program Sun rises that she had ended her romance with […]


overview Isa has finally found her Mr. Right in Ruben, but after she moves in with him the initial romance soon turns into a relationship rut. Isa has a hard time dividing her attention between Ruben, her girlfriends and her job as a veterinarian. And when her new colleague Hugo appears to be Mr. Perfect, […]

Billie Eilish unleashes romance rumors with this young actor

Does Billie Eilish have a new boyfriend? The singer has been a victim of heartbreak and her experiences have been captured in her songs. However, it seems that he found love again and went on a date with a mysterious actor. With songs like “Wish you were gay” or “when the party’s over”, the American […]

10 excerpts from the story of Kale film that are signs of a relationship …

Jakarta – Film “Story of Kale: When Someone’s in Love“is spin-off from the film “Later We Tell About Today” (NKCTHI), which focuses on the life story of Kale (Ardhito Pramono). This 1 hour 17 minute film tells the story of Kale before “NKCTHI” or before him found it with Cloud (Rachel Amanda). Audience “NKCTHI“who is […]

The proof that would confirm Tini Stoessel’s romance with rapper Khea

After Teen confirm your final separation from Sebastian Yatra shortly after beginning the quarantine, the singer would have found comfort in the arms of another man. TINI, KHEA – Ella Dice It all started in mid-July, when Teen premiered the catchy song that they created together and that each one, because of the isolation, recorded […]

Luz Elena González on Luis Miguel: I couldn’t fall in love

August 25, 2020 – 10:08 Actress Luz Elena González recently recalled the times when she was the girlfriend of one of the most coveted singles in Latin America: Luis Miguel The actress Luz Elena González recently recalled the times when was girlfriend of one of the most coveted singles in Latin America: the singer Luis […]