Dacia Duster pickup goes on the market for 22,500 euros (Video)

Orders for the Dacia Duster Pick-Up pickup are already being accepted in Romania. According to carscoops.com, the car is valued at about 22,500 euros ($ 27,000). While the eponymous crossover with the same engine costs from 17,550 euros. This is not a big news, because under the Renault brand there is already a pickup based […]

The Americans announce “huge” investments and more soldiers in Romania

A huge infrastructure project could soon be born in Romania: a highway and a railway line connecting the port of Constanta with the port of Gdansk in Poland. It is a project that would be done with the American side, a “huge investment”, as the US ambassador to Bucharest, Adrian Zuckerman, declared on Friday. “We […]

Two more countries recalled ambassadors from Belarus / GORDON

Great Britain and Romania withdrew their ambassadors from Belarus in solidarity with Lithuania and Poland, whose ambassadors the Belarusian Foreign Ministry demanded to be recalled on October 2. Great Britain announced that it was recalling its ambassador from Belarus. About it reported October 9 British Foreign Minister Dominic Raab on Twitter. “Great Britain condemns the […]

Why the price of smartphones has risen in recent years

When they were launched in 2014, the then iPhone and Samsung Galaxy models were priced from 300 to 500 euros.And now the latest generation phones end up costing over 1000 euros. What is the cause of the increase in prices? 1. The first is technological advancement. Smartphones today are much more powerful. This has led […]