Romania is investigating an explosion that damaged a cargo ship in the Black Sea

The Togolese-flagged Seama was rocked by an explosion as it approached the Danube River near the Romanian coast. All 12 crew members were evacuated, Romanian officials said. A minesweeper and divers arrived at the scene. The Romanian navy initially said there were no signs of a mine explosion, saying divers would need to examine the […]

EU sends almost 500 million to Romania, Italy and Türkiye after disasters

The European Union (EU) today made 454.8 million euros available from a budget reserve to help Romania, Italy and Turkey after natural disasters seriously affected these three countries. The Council of the EU allocated, from the Solidarity and Emergency Aid Reserve included in its 2023 budget to the operational budget line of the EU Solidarity […]

Romania has extended flight restrictions along the Ukrainian border

Romania has imposed additional restrictions on flights in the part of its airspace along the border with Ukraine in connection with increased Russian attacks on Ukrainian river ports on the Danube, the Ministry of Defense reported on Thursday. Fragments of drones following Russian attacks have been found three times in NATO member Romania after such […]

Jens Stoltenberg (NATO): We have no information indicating an intentional attack by Russia against Romania. The Alliance, informed only on Wednesday by the Romanian authorities.

Trajan Avarvarei ( NATO has no indication that the drone debris found on Romanian territory was caused by an intentional attack launched by Russia against Romania, the Secretary General of the North Atlantic Alliance, Jens Stoltenberg, said on Thursday, according to Reuters. “We have no information indicating an intentional attack by Russia and we await […]

Index – Culture – The army sided with the crowd that revolted against the dictator

A Libertate ’89 – Great Sibiu deals with the events of the revolution that overthrew the communist regime in Romania in 1989, recalling the days in which the army, which sided with the crowd that revolted against Ceausescu, clashed with the Militia and Security Guards protecting the dictator. Director Tudor Giurgiu, editor Réka Lemhényi and […]

Vlad the Impaler was crying tears of blood!

The bloodthirsty image that we have of Dracula could be closer to reality than we think: Vlad the impaler, who inspired the famous character of the vampire, would have been suffering from a disease causing blood to cry ! A discovery made thanks to the study of letters written by the prince in person. Explanation. […]