The corona situation in the USA is tightening again

WIf he is going to the cinema or a bar in New York these days, he may get the impression that the pandemic is over. People jostle in crowded bars, you can go to the cinema without a mask and no longer need to keep your distance from your neighbors. Since all restrictions were lifted, […]

Storm surge hazard off Florida’s west coast from Tropical Storm Elsa – News Now

(NOTICIAS YA) .- While the effects of Tropical Storm Elsa are already being felt in the Florida Keys, the west coast of the Sunshine State is preparing for this phenomenon with “hurricane watch”. State of Emergency Announced for 15 Florida Counties The National Hurricane Center reported in its latest update that Tropical Storm Elsa will […]

Florida-CDC Legal Battle Continues to Operate Cruises Without Proof of Vaccination – News Now

(NOTICIAS YA) .- After the restart of operations of some cruise companies was authorized after the COVID-19 pandemic, the requirement of proof of vaccination to their passengers remains uncertain. Controversy over Royal Caribbean’s decision not to require COVID-19 vaccines from its passengers The “legal battle” over the cruise industry continues and this Thursday in a […]

State of Florida faces several lawsuits for new laws passed

State of Florida faces several lawsuits for new laws passed CONDADO PALM BEACH, (AZTECA48) — The state of Florida faces at least five well-funded lawsuits over a series of conservative laws passed during the recent legislative session and signed by Governor Ron DeSantis. So far, lobbyists and other advocacy organizations have sued the state over: […]

Politicians ban under penalty: How Florida curbs Twitter

TWitter, Facebook, Youtube and other media platforms are not allowed to exclude candidates for political office in the state of Florida for more than 14 days. This provides for a law of the state that the Republican Governor Ron DeSantis made legally binding yesterday with his signature. DeSantis praised the law on Twitter as a […]