The Luxury of Chateau Louis XIV, The Magnificent Home of Mohammed bin Salman

loading… The mansion of the Chateau Louis XIV. Photo/new york post PARIS – Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman (MBS) paid a visit to France to meet President Emmanuel Macron on Friday (29/07/2022) During the period of his visit, MBS stayed in a house that was considered one of the most luxurious houses in […]

The mysterious request that Meghan Markle made to the Royal Family

Meghan Markle would have made an unexpected request to King Charles III that has caused controversy. IN CONTEXT: The controversial photos of Meghan Markle in full tears One day after the burial of the Queen isabel IIit transpired that Meghan Marklewife of Prince Harry, would have made an unexpected and mysterious request to King Charles […]

Index – FOMO – II. Elizabeth wanted to die in Balmoral Castle

Royal expert Katie Nicholl reported on a TV show that II. It was not by chance that Elizabeth spent the last few months in Balmoral Castle. He believes that he did not want to die in Windsor Castle or Buckingham Palace, so he preferred to stay in Scotland, where, by the way, he liked to […]

Queen Elizabeth put Meghan Markle in a very humiliating situation

William and Catherine, the ducal couple of Cambridge, greeted the Duchess of Sussex on their Twitter page, as well as Prince Charles and Princess Camilla. Meghan Markle he got a lot of nice messages for his birthday, Queen Elisabeth however, he was silent all day. Could it be that things are still frosty between the […]

Wealth of Ameera Al Taweel, Former Wife of Prince of Saudi Arabia

loading… Princess of Saudi Arabia Ameera Al Taweel. Photo/the viraler RIYADH – Ameera Al Taweel is a daughter and a member of the Saud family. Born in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, on November 6, 1983, Ameera is the son of Aidan bin Nayef Al Taweel Al Oitaibi. At the age of just 18 years, Ameera married […]