Germans protest the government sending tanks to help Ukraine | 29 Jan ’23

Germans protest the government sending tanks to help Ukraine. . Yesterday (28 Jan. 23), Germans in Berlin Hundreds of people came out to protest. Dissatisfied with the German government’s approval for the delivery of Leopard 2 main battle tanks to Ukraine, protesters viewed it as will make the war more intense and wider . while […]

The Moskvitz car brand was resurrected, the goal is 100,000 copies per year

Production officially resumed on Wednesday at the car factory near Moscow that belonged to Renault’s interests in Russia before the Russian-Ukrainian war, where Moskvichs will roll off the assembly line from now on. First among them is Moskvitch 3 footage was taken of an SUV bearing the model name at the press event held at […]

Orbán: We are in danger both economically and physically

Now there is only one thing to strive for, to avert the danger, and there is only one way to avert the immediate danger, by a cease-fire; “we want peace and a ceasefire,” he said Viktor Orban Prime Minister on Wednesday in Belgrade. The prime minister Aleksandar Vucic with Serbian president and Karl Nehammer he […]

(Shadow) Wuchuang Suicide Unmanned Surface Vessel in a New Era of Naval Battles!It is rumored that the new flagship of the Russian Black Sea Fleet “Admiral Makarov” was damaged | International | Newtalk News

The Russian Black Sea Fleet is located at the most important naval base in Crimea. It was reported that it was attacked by a Ukrainian drone ship on the 29th. It is reported that the new flagship of the Black Sea Fleet, the Admiral Makarov, may be damaged by the attack. . Figure: Screenshot of […]

Ford withdrew from Russia Drive

The outbreak of the Russian-Ukrainian war is causing large companies to leave Russia one after the other, including car manufacturers: after Mercedes announced its departure this week, it turned out that Ford had already gotten rid of its interests there. On Wednesday, the American brand confirmed that it sold its 49 percent stake in the […]

The strongest anti-indicator of the Russian-Ukrainian war!Blue Camp’s famous mouth has become an “embarrassment” and become the laughing stock of Chinese netizens | Politics | Newtalk News

Famous mouth Lai Yueqian picture: flip from self-knowledge The war of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has not ended for eight months. In the past few months, experts from all over the world have frequently predicted the end of the war and the sand table deduction of the war situation. There have also been many “bad […]

Russia’s most advanced 4.5 million pound T-90M tank was abandoned by the United States to “disassemble every screw” to break key technology | International | Newtalk News

The Russian army fled in a hurry and abandoned the entire T-90M tank worth 4.5 million pounds.Figure: Retrieved from Wikipedia The Russian-Ukrainian war lasted for half a year. At present, Ukraine has also launched a counter-offensive. Not only has it attacked Lugansk in the eastern Ukrainian region, the Russian army seems to have begun to […]

Moscow is having fun with the Ukrainians at the Zaporizhia nuclear power plant

Rocket attacks are regular at Europe’s largest nuclear power plant, but the Russians and Ukrainians are pointing fingers at each other. This situation is ideal for Moscow, because they can bide their time without the enemy being able to advance. The danger of a tragedy like Chernobyl is minimal, but even a single careless step […]

The Jedi Counterattack is about to begin!Zelensky holds High Command meeting, two explosions in Crimea | International | Newtalk News

An explosion occurred in the northern Crimean city of Dzhankoi. Photo: Retrieved from Twitter @igorsushko The Russian-Ukrainian war has been over for more than 170 days. According to “Ukrainska Pravda” (Ukrainska Pravda) on the 15th local time, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy held a meeting of the Supreme Command of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in the […]