Russian hides in forest and even fights bears to avoid fighting in Ukraine – News

Information technology expert Adam Kalinin revealed that he faced bears while hiding in a forest to avoid Vladimir Putin’s military deployment and possible arrest. The Russian ruler announced in late September that 300,000 support troops would be sent to Ukraine to fight, but some experts believe up to 1 million men could […]

Putin: “The risk of a conflict in the world remains very high” – World

“The potential for conflict in the world as a whole, as well as at the regional level, remains very high. New risks and challenges for collective security are emerging, mainly due to a sharp worsening of the global geopolitical confrontation “. The Russian president said. Vladimir Putin at a meeting of the Council of Heads […]

Collection of signatures and demonstration in the Citadel against the “NATO war”

The demonstration “We do not pay for the war of NATO” was held on Saturday afternoon in Piazza Cittadella, organized by Verona for Freedom with the participation of the Libero Syndicate, OIS, Veneto Russia, Veneto Indipendente. “Many people yesterday in the square in Verona to say No to the NATO war. No to the sanctions […]

Putin challenges the world and annexes Ukrainian territories – World

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed the decrees recognizing the “independence” of the Ukrainian regions of Zaporizhzhia and Kherson. Tass reports it. Moscow had already recognized the other two Ukrainian regions, Donetsk and Lugansk, as independent from Kiev, on the eve of the invasion of Ukraine in February. With a ceremony in the Kremlin, Putin will […]

After deepfake Zelensky, also fake video mayor Kiev – Hi-tech

After Zelensky’s deepfake, that of Kiev mayor Vitaly Klitschko also spreads. Several European mayors, including those of Berlin and Madrid, were duped into believing they had a video conference conversation with the mayor which turned out to be a fake. This was revealed by the Ukrainian agency Ukrinform, picked up by various media, which reported […]

Kiev ‘behead’ statue Ukraine-Russia friendship – World

The Russian worker’s head lies on the ground, bent to one side, the hollow bronze neck almost neatly severed. It is the first piece of statue to fall under the Arch of Friendship between Russia and Ukraine, in the very center of Kiev. The 8-meter-high monument, built in 1982, depicted a Russian and a Ukrainian […]

From Mariupol to Odessa, ‘Putin remains rubble’ – World

“The city is gone, there are only ruins. It is impossible to rebuild. If the Russians took it too they would have conquered rubble”. In a nutshell, Anastasiya sums up the paradox of the invasion of Moscow: in his destructive charge he no longer even serves his interests. Anastasiya is one of the thousands of […]