Aerolineas Argentinas will pay only half of June’s wages

Aerolineas Argentinas y Austral on Wednesday they will pay only half their wages to their almost 12,000 employees. The company communicated it last night to the guilds of the activity and clarified that there is no precise date to settle the rest until the national State does not rotate the necessary resources. The decision caused […]

Learn about the payment schedule to the state in Neuquén

The Neuquén province government announced the salary payment schedule for state employees and Neuquén retirees, which will be divided into seven days to avoid crowding in bank branches. “In order to respect the recommendations for social distancing, the convenience of using the debit card to make payments and home banking platforms was reiterated, reducing as […]

Marko on financial crisis: “Then someone else will pay Hamilton”

Although the Formula 1 season will start this weekend, many teams have already been hit hard by the financial consequences of the corona crisis. How will they manage to transfer the well-paid drivers their money every month? Dr. Helmut Marko thinks there are solutions. The corona crisis hit the Formula 1 teams hard. Due to […]

ATP: Government adds large companies to assistance to pay wages

In the Economic Cabinet they confirmed that The expansion will allow access to the program for more than 200,000 companies out of a total registered that until last week had exceeded 420,000. So far, some 180,000 firms with 1.7 million employees have been included, of which 1.3 million will receive between now and tomorrow in […]

Coronavirus: the Racing statement that puts the rest of the clubs in trouble

Racing He became the first Argentine club to agree to a salary drop with his soccer professionals, to face the total inactivity that governs the fight against the new coronavirus pandemic. Entities around the world of soccer, almost completely paralyzed, are taking similar behaviors, with the reduction of remuneration for soccer players, such as Lionel […]

Would you work less hours for less pay?

The balance between personal life and working life It is one of the reasons why, more and more, Spaniards choose to work less hours for a lower salary, and not vice versa. Teleworking thus becomes a secondary option. Currently, near 820,000 workers is it so willing to reduce your day labor despite the corresponding decrease […]

Net reduce day and wages to Liberbank cleaning companies

Grupo Net, the Elche company that replaced Acciona as a subcontractor for cleaning Liberbank’s offices in Asturias, informed UGT yesterday of the process of substantially modifying the working conditions of the almost 90 workers serving the network of the bank in the region with the purpose of reducing working hours and wages. Grupo Net applied […]

Logistics and information technologies, the sectors in which wages will rise in 2020

If we could turn back to reinvent ourselves professionally, one of our mandatory consultation documents would have to be the salary table prepared annually by the human resources consultant Hays. It is not that it is an oracle, that in a technologically changing environment nobody can predict which professionals will be the most demanded in […]

The Government seals the minimum wage increase with social agents

The president of the Government, Pedro Sanchez, together with the minister of Job, Yolanda Diaz, will seal this Thursday with employers and unions the increase in the minimum interprofessional salary (SMI) as advanced by EL PERIÓDICO. It will be at an event in Moncloa in which the Vice Presidents of Social Rights and Economic Affairs […]