Samsung Electronics, which promotes ‘robots’, increases its stake in Rainbow Robotics… Possibility of takeover

[이데일리 이다원 기자] Samsung Electronics (005930), which has identified robots as a future growth business, has additionally purchased a stake in Rainbow Robotics (277810), a robot development company. According to the Electronic Disclosure System of the Financial Supervisory Service on the 16th, Samsung Electronics purchased 913,963 common shares of Rainbow Robotics over the counter the […]

“The most powerful in the world of phones” .. a supernatural feature of the new Samsung version that raises controversy (video)

The promotional advertisement for the new Galaxy S23 Ultra phone announced by the famous South Korean company “Samsung” sparked widespread controversy due to the feature that some considered miraculous. Because of Samsung’s announcement, the Galaxy S23 Ultra is able to photograph the moon in high definition through the ability to “enhanced zoom”. According to what […]

Samsung Electronics Han Jong-hee “Preparing growth engines with Cal Tech and robots” (comprehensive)

[이데일리 김응열 기자] Samsung Electronics (005930) is accelerating its efforts to secure future growth engines with its Internet of Things (IoT)-based ‘Calm Tech (technology that provides various convenient services without being aware of it)’ and robots. The semiconductor business is also focusing on strengthening competitiveness by developing foundry technology and production capabilities along with the […]

“2 in 1” wallet case for Samsung Galaxy S22 5G, black leather

This cover from Black Rock adapts perfectly to your device, protects it against scratches and gives it a personal touch. The case features a TPU padding that provides extra protection against any kind of bumps. Protection against scratches and dirt Durable and resistant material Compatible with wireless charging Ultra-thin design Comfortable grip Microfiber inside to […]

Are these 7 technologies answers to current crises?

Numerous technical developments are dedicated to saving the world Technology rules the world – and could make a difference in the future. The world goes from one crisis to the next. For a large part of this, technology could help solve the problems. A look at the new year shows that CO2 scavengers could save […]