“Is a Trade in Store for Trey Lance?”

What’s next for Trey Lance? After his long injury layoff – and the tremendous performances of backup Brock Purdy – the former starting quarterback of the San Francisco 49ers has fallen behind. According to NFL Network, the Niners have received inquiries from several teams looking into a potential playmaker trade. The Minnesota Vikings are said […]

Las Vegas Raiders get Jimmy Garoppolo: That’s how much the quarterback star earns

The Las Vegas Raiders were scrambling for an experienced starting quarterback in free agency on Monday, agreeing on a three-year deal with quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo. Jimmy Garoppolo is joining the Las Vegas Raiders On Monday afternoon, NFL Network’s Tom Pelissero outlined the structure of Garoppolo’s contract, noting that “Garoppolo will be signed as a starter […]

NFL: These are the NFL’s hottest moves – US-SPORT NFL FOOTBALL

03/14/2023 – 11:08 am The wild merry-go-round in the NFL has started with some bangs! Players whose contracts have expired have been allowed to negotiate with new teams since Monday at 5 p.m. German time. The changes will not be officially announced until Wednesday at 9 p.m. when the new league year begins, but there […]

49ers quarterback Lance on Purdy and starter odds

For Trey Lance, the 2022 season was one to forget. The quarterback actually started the season as a starter with the San Francisco 49ers. Then the playmaker got injured early on and then had to watch his opponents convince with good performances. Lance fractured his ankle in the second game of the season and was […]

Los Angeles Chargers could cut Allen and Everett

Will the Los Angeles Chargers fire two star players? According to The Athletic, wide receiver Keenan Allen (left) and tight end Gerald Everett (right) are among the team’s “likeliest cut candidates” for the upcoming offseason. According to the report, firing Allen would save the franchise nearly $14.8 million. With a cut by Everett, it’s almost […]