1C created a joint business with top managers of SAP that left Russia

<!– Денис Воейков –> 19 August 2022 18:32 19 Aug 2022 18:32 | Share The 1C company created a company in which the names of at least two of the six co-founders coincide with the names of the top managers of the Russian office of the German SAP that left our country. Just a few […]

what does the letter that the SAP sent today to pediatricians say

The Argentine Society of Pediatrics began to communicate to all its members that recommend to families the application of Moderna’s vaccine against Covid to boys from 6 months. It was through an email that began to reach pediatricians during the morning of this Wednesday. This is the vaccine whose first batch arrived in Argentina last […]

Wirecard and Nintendo vs. Alibaba Group Holding and Snapchat – commented week 28 Peer Group Watch Computer, Software & Internet

07/16/2022, 13305 characters The weekly view is ahead: Wirecard 15.38% ahead of Nintendo 4.59%, Fabasoft 3.65%, Twitter 2.53%, LinkedIn 0.82%, Pinterest 0.79%, RIB Software 0.47%, Altaba 0.41%, Xing 0%, Nvidia -0.48%, Amazon -1.72%, SAP -2.65%, GoPro -2.88%, Facebook -3.62%, Microsoft -4.09% , Rocket Internet -4.12%, Dropbox -4.4%, United Internet -4.67%, Zalando -5.24%, Alphabet -6.16%, Snapchat […]

Munich Re share: company gives in – Munich Re cannot keep up with the Dax

AAn hour and a half before the close of trading in Frankfurt, the value of the Munich reinsurance company was EUR 214.30, while the closing price on the last trading day was EUR 221.50. Munich Re is now on a downward trend, following an unclear trend, and it remains to be seen whether the losses […]

Curevac starts a new attempt in cancer research

Frankfurt Tübingen-based Curevac AG has fallen far behind in cancer research in recent years, as it has in the vaccine sector. But here, too, the biotech company has now started a new attempt: “Oncology is the area that we will expand in a targeted manner alongside vaccines for infectious diseases,” said company boss Franz-Werner Haas […]

Snapchat and Pinterest vs. Zalando and United Internet – annotated week 25 Peer Group Watch Computer, Software & Internet

06/25/2022, 10781 characters In the weekly view is ahead: Snapchat 18.36% ahead of Pinterest 18.1%, Alibaba Group Holding 15.04%, Wirecard 10.34%, Alphabet 9.89%, Amazon 9.64%, Dropbox 9.54%, Microsoft 8.1%, Nvidia 7.85%, Twitter 4.31%, Facebook 3.92%, SAP 3.72%, Rocket Internet 3.27%, Nintendo 1.75%, GoPro 1.7%, Fabasoft 1.33%, LinkedIn 0.82%, RIB Software 0.47%, Altaba 0.41%, Xing 0%, […]

Allianz sells majority stake in Russia

Allianz Interholding takes over the majority of the Russian business. (Photo: ullstein bild/Getty Images) Frankfurt Allianz is not withdrawing completely from Russia, but is significantly reducing its involvement there. The Dax group is selling a majority stake in its Russian business to Interholding, the owner of Russian property insurer Zetta Insurance. The insurer did not […]

Siemens share: course gives way – almost equal at Dax and Siemens

Dhe value of the technology group is currently listed at EUR 122.90, the closing price the day before was EUR 124.82. After some sideways movement, Siemens is now on the downside and it remains to be seen whether there will be further downward movement for this stock. With 23rd place and a minus of 1.54%, […]

Volkswagen share: company is recovering – almost equal in Dax and Volkswagen

stock exchange stock price Volkswagen share: company is recovering Stand: 20.05.2022 | Reading time: 2 minutes Volkswagen share: It’s going uphill again – Volkswagen is doing better than Dax Source: dpa-infocom GmbH With an upward movement of 1.25 percent, the Volkswagen AG share is enough for a middle position in the Dax. AAn hour and […]

How Russian developers are replacing Western SCM systems

Russian developer of software for supply chain planning GoodsForecast received 206 million rubles. investments from the NTI venture fund managed by Kama Flow investment company. The representative of the fund did not disclose the size of the acquired share, saying that it usually ranges from 10 to 30%. Investor interest has spurred the trend towards […]