The threat of asteroids is underestimated, reveals a NASA study

The risk for the Earth of crossing paths with an asteroid one kilometer in diameter is on average one every 600,000 years. Really ? Researchers are now questioning this figure. According to them, in the past million years alone, our planet could have suffered a dozen such impacts! 66 million years ago, an asteroid crossed […]

Amazon wants to start testing satellite internet in 2024

Amazon wants to supply the first test customers with Internet from space in the coming year. By 2026, half of the 3,200 satellites needed should be in orbit, said equipment manager Dave Limp on Tuesday at an appearance in Washington. The first two satellites are scheduled to launch in early May. Amazon’s service, called Kuiper, […]

Spacecraft may pass near the Earth

Mysterious weather phenomena have occupied the American public over the past years, and recently there has been increased talk about them after a strange object was dropped over Alaska. The head of the Office of Unknown Atmospheric Phenomena Research at the Pentagon, Sean Kirkpatrick, revealed that there is a possibility that extraterrestrial spacecraft may visit […]

Russia’s Progress 83 Module Helps ISS Maneuver Avoid Collision with Argentine Satellite

The International Space Station (ISS) maneuvers to avoid a collision with an Argentine Earth observation satellite in low earth orbit (LEO). Photo/NASA/Reuters FLORIDA – International Space Station (ISS) maneuver to avoid a collision with an Earth observation satellite Argentina in low earth orbit (LEO). To lift the ISS out of the orbit of the Argentine […]

Egypt News | Science and Technology / A famous scientist reveals when aliens were found

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First Launch of Japan’s New H3 Rocket Failed, Earth Observation Satellite Payload Destroyed

loading… The first launch of a new Japanese-made rocket failed after the H3 Rocket’s second stage ignition system failed. Photo/JAXA/Space TOKYO – Premiere launch of a new custom-made rocket Japan failed after the H3 Rocket’s second-stage ignition system malfunctioned. This failure resulted satellite the advanced earth observation aboard the H3 rocket is missing. The H3 […]

Space exploration should not continue the “tradition of colonialism”, experts urge

In short, our focus should move away from simply exploiting discoveries on other planets, scientists say. The American National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) makes no secret of its desire to establish colonies on the moon and eventually on Mars, which wants to extract resources, such as metals, on the natural satellite of the Earth. […]

Geomagnetic storm forces SpaceX to postpone Starlink orbit

A Falcon 9 launch was scheduled for Monday from Vandenberg Space Center in California. The rocket was to carry about fifty Starlinks and place them in polar orbit. In a tweet, however, SpaceX decided to postpone the launch to the following day due to a geomagnetic storm. It is a rare event but to which […]