International match between Brazil and Argentina will be repeated

May 9, 2022 at 4:48 p.m After Corona Eklat : Brazil vs Argentina is repeated Argentina’s Messi and Brazil’s Neymar discuss with a health worker during the game stoppage. (Archive) Photo: AP / Other Pens Zürich The World Cup qualifier between Brazil and Argentina, which was canceled at the beginning of September 2021 after a […]

How much is Chyno Miranda’s FORTUNE?

About some months ago Chyno Miranda He keeps his fans worried, since after getting sick last year from Covid-19, he has had health complications due to the aftermath and even little is known about his current condition, and it is even speculated that he is serious and that he could be “kidnapped” by a relative […]

Declared dead, a baby found alive in a box!

Scandal at Kaolack hospital: Declared dead, a baby found alive in a box! While we have not yet finished discussing the Astou Sokhna case named after the young woman who died in childbirth a few weeks ago at the maternity department of the Amadou Sakhir Mbaye regional hospital in Louga, another case, involving health structures, […]

The ‘Basic Instinct’ scandal splashes Boris Johnson

British Prime Minister, Boris Johnsonhas written to Labor Deputy Leader Angela Rayner to distance herself from misogynistic comments allegedly made by her Conservative colleagues, accusing her of using sexual tactics to distract him in the House of Commons, The Telegraph reports on Monday. This newspaper, related to the ruling party, explains that Johnson wrote to […]

more than 4,500 victims for about US$ 67 million

The tentacles of Generation Zoe and its monumental pyramid scheme reached Mexico and Colombia, where some 4,500 investors would have entrusted their dollars to the organization that promised returns higher than those granted by traditional financial entities. The victims have already contacted Argentine lawyers to explore the possibility of filing a lawsuit, since Leonardo Cositorto […]

Will Smith walks to luxury clinic after Oscar scandal

Will Smith slapped comedian Chris Rock in front of the eyes of the whole world in response to a little tasteful joke he had baked to the detriment of Jada Pinkett Smith. The case has been a consequence, and Smith seems to have a hard time processing what happened. Scandal and interlude The 94th Oscar […]

Index – Culture – The thirty-year-old sex video they still profit from today

Let’s start by saying that the bitang in the series Pam & Tommy has become good. The acting performances are parades, the sight, the atmosphere really takes us back to the nineties, the story is also well processed, yet it all stinks. Watching Hulu’s eight-part series feels like someone was watching the leaked sex video […]

I prefer Comenius. Zeman disappears from school class due to controversial grace

The councilor of the Olomouc Region for Education, Aleš Jakubec, strongly opposed the President’s actions. “It simply came to our notice then. In my opinion, Proputin’s orientation and legalization of mafia practices are already over the edge. I don’t want our children to have a picture of this criminal in the classrooms in front of […]

Queen Elizabeth stood roughly in Camilla

Queen Elizabeth was not at all delighted to learn of the relationship between Charles and Camomile — she had educated her son quite a lot and used words for his love whose rudeness even shocked the prince. The scandalous relationship Not only the whole world and Diana, but of course Queen Elizabeth was shocked to […]