Togo / LONATO: Another Scandal Which Splashes the Republic of Faure Gnassingbé!

Photo: Lonato The night of the long knives continues Everyone knows the management of the Togolese National Lottery (LONATO) in Lomé. It is a sumptuous two-storey building that rivals in size with another building of a muse of the Republic in Nyékonakpoè. It was under the former DG Pekemsi that this jewel of LONATO was […]

Barcelona’s Participation in Champions League in Jeopardy Due to Negreira Case

Barcelona live difficult times. It is warned in Spain that the club could be heavily penalized for the ‘Negreira case’, an arbitration scandal of which he is the protagonist. “Barcelona is facing a more than delicate situation. Your participation in the next Champions is in danger. In ten days the decision will be knownto UEFA, […]

Chemicals in Belgium: Neighborhood against toxins

For years, the chemical company 3M in Belgium has endangered local residents. A family sued and was right. A resident in Zwijndrecht at the largest European blood test to date Photo: Jonas Roosens/imago AMSTERDAM taz | The chemical company 3M has to pay 2,000 euros in damages to a family living near its Belgian factory […]

Alec Baldwin at the center of another scandal

Recently, Alec Baldwin made his first public appearance since the tragedy on the set of Rust. The Hollywood actor attended the PEN America 2023 gala concert. And just as we were delighted that everything was getting better for him, when suddenly he was again at the center of the scandal. Let’s talk about what happened […]

2 top officials including DG have been dismissed due to the scandal in Malaysia

The country’s Ministry of Human Resources has dismissed two top officials over allegations of a scandal involving the recruitment of foreign workers in Malaysia. Two top officials, including the ministry’s DG, were relieved of their duties following an internal inquiry into the approval of foreign labor quotas. According to the information published in various media […]

Three companies in China suspend talk shows after wild dog scandal

Xiaoguo Culture’s talk show actor HOUSE (Li Haoshi) was accused of insulting the People’s Liberation Army during a performance in Beijing on the 13th. Xiaoguo Culture was suspended indefinitely from all performances in Beijing and fined RMB 13.35 million (approximately NT$60 million). And Li Haoshi has been investigated. After China’s “Xiaoguo Culture” talk show performance […]

Al-Qadir Trust Scandal: Imran Khan’s 8-day physical remand extended

Islamabad: The NAB court has remanded PTI chairman and former prime minister Imran Khan to 8-day physical remand. The case against Imran Khan was heard by Additional Sessions Judge Humayun Dilawar at Police Line New Guest House, where the NAB officials requested the court to remand Imran Khan for 14 days. Chairman PTI lawyers Ali […]

Scandal before a Premier League game? The fans booed during the anthem

Liverpool fans booed during the anthem. They were to celebrate the coronation of King Charles III Foreign media report that the fans booed the national anthem before Saturday’s game. As soon as the first sounds of “God Save The King” sounded, players from both teams lined up around the center circle of the pitch, and […]