Floating Tinguely Museum moored in HafenKrefeld: Please touch it

August 10, 2021 at 5:00 p.m. Museum ship sets course for Krefeld : Tinguely’s art machines sail on the Rhine The MS Evolutie has been converted into a museum ship. Here it is on the way back from Paris. It will dock in Krefeld in two weeks. Photo: Matthias Willi Krefeld With Jean Tinguely, art […]

New information on “FAR: Changing Tides” has been published

New updates for the new vehicle game “FAR: Changing Tides” were shown. The new trailer was presented for the first time at the Future Games Show, reports «Pixel». Shortly afterwards, at the Awesome Indies, the developer made another in-depth impression possible in the form of another video. The game is a product by Okomotive and […]