Scientists Find Giant Sperm 100 Million Years Old

loading… NAYPYIDAW – The oldest sperm in the world have been found. The sperm is locked in a piece of amber which hardens as a giant Spinosaurus still dominates life Earth. (Also read: Uncovers Grand US Space Force Plans to Take Over the Moon) But the giant sperm came from a creature much smaller than […]

Sputnik V, the Russian vaccine gains (a little) credibility

First modification: 08/09/2020 – 17:14 The first human trials of Sputnik V, the Russian vaccine against Covid-19, had encouraging results. But the conclusions, published on Saturday in ‘The Lancet’, are still considered insufficient to justify the decision of Russian President Vladimir Putin to authorize its use on a large scale. It is already possible to […]

Thyroid Anxiety | Science and life

Increased anxiety can be associated with inflammation of the thyroid gland. About 35% of people in developed countries aged 25–65 years suffer from anxiety disorders – when a person experiences general persistent anxiety, not related to certain objects or situations. Usually, the mechanism of such disorders is sought in the brain, and the therapy, accordingly, […]

How the stars formed. The most interesting things discovered by researchers

Stars, the most easily recognizable celestial objects, are the fundamental elements of a galaxy. The age, spread and composition of the stars in a galaxy mark the history, dynamics and evolution of that galaxy.At the same time, stars are responsible for the production and distribution of chemical elements, such as carbon, nitrogen and oxygen, and […]

Argentina and Mexico will produce the AstraZeneca vaccine against Covid-19

Reuters Journalists 2 minutes to read BUENOS AIRES (Reuters) – Argentina and Mexico will produce the AstraZeneca vaccine against Covid-19 to make it available in most parts of Latin America, Argentine President Alberto Fernandez said after a meeting with company executives involved in the project. The Argentine government said that an agreement had been signed […]

NUcheckt: Only coronavirus provides positive GGD corona test results | NOW

NUcheckt checks messages for their reliability. This time we look at the claim that the corona test of the GGD also gives a positive result if someone is infected with a cold virus. This turns out to be incorrect. In emails and messages on Facebook and Twitter, there are doubts whether a positive result of […]

Crashing ‘meteorite’ reveals NASA satellite from 1964 | NOW

Last weekend, an American observatory observed a small object skimming toward Earth. At first it was thought that this was a meteorite, but further investigation showed that it was a no longer functioning NASA satellite from 1964. OGO-1 was the first of a series of six missions and is now the last of the OGO […]

New study – that’s why more men are dying from Covid-19

The numbers are clear: men who become infected with the coronavirus are more ill than women. And they have a higher risk of death. US researchers have investigated why this could be. Men have a worse prognosis than women when it comes to Covid 19 disease. They often become more ill and die more often. […]