Synthetic DNA will replace computer hard drives within the next decade

Matheus Manente Meteored Brasil 03/06/2023 18:00 5 min A device inspired by our genetic code will lead to the creation of smaller, more powerful and much more durable means of communication in just a decade. Every news item and every image you read, every video you watch, every like, comment, or even simply surfing the […]

Einstein’s Findings Refuted by Particles Traveling Faster than Light

A particle apparatus that travels faster than light. Photo: Special JAKARTA – Einstein’s laws of the universe are in danger of being refuted by the discovery of particles traveling faster than light. This was disclosed by a number of international scientists. Quoted from the Space Academy, this finding could overturn one of Einstein’s fundamental laws […]

Will HSV still manage to climb despite the 0:3 mortgage?

We want to know… Disappointed hamburgers after the end of the game. IMAGO/Eibner Hamburger SV lost in the first part of the relegation on Thursday 0:3 and have to improve massively in the second leg next Monday (8.45 p.m., LIVE! on kicker) in order to somehow replace Stuttgart as a Bundesliga club. What do you […]

Italy reported 13,208 Covid-19 cases and 125 deaths this week

According to the latest report from the Italian Ministry of Health, in this period the deaths as a result of this disease totaled 125, which represents a decrease of 16.7 percentage points in relation to the 150 people who died between April 19 and 25. May in this country. In those seven days, 246,19 tests […]

Blood test to detect 50 types of cancer could speed up diagnosis | UK

A blood test to detect more than 50 types of cancer has shown promise in a large study carried out by the UK’s National Health Service (NHS), and could potentially speed up diagnosis. Readers are the strength and life of the newspaper PÚBLICO’s contribution to the country’s democratic and civic life lies in the strength […]

The Jukebox Musical Phenomenon (3) | DO | 01 06 2023 | 9:45

1. June 2023, 09:45 Contemporary jukebox musical productions from the USA break with clichés and try new narrative styles. Thematic seriousness is finding its way into musicals like “Jagged Little Pill,” which premiered on New York’s Broadway in 2019. It interweaves songs by Canadian singer-songwriter Alanis Morissette with a story about a dysfunctional suburban family. […]