“Senegalese Astronomer Receives Prestigious Award and Asteroid Named After Him”

Published on : 28/05/2023 – 15:19Modified : 28/05/2023 – 15:29 06:17 Maram Kaire introduces astronomy to Senegal © France24 He is the first Senegalese to have an asteroid named after him. His work enjoys international recognition and received the “Marcel Moye” prize awarded for the first time to an African. The Astronomical Society of France […]

Belgian doctor Peter Piot rewarded Sunday by the WHO

“Both laureates are eminent scientists who were closely involved in the discovery of the Ebola virus, before rising to leading positions in the field of global health,” the WHO said in a statement. A press release. “The award honors their lifetime contributions to public health.” The organization also highlights the “extraordinary leadership in the fight […]

“Exploring the depths of particle physics with Christophe Delaere at CERN”

This week, on the Z Science program, we will be at CERN, with Christophe Delaere, FNRS Research Director at UCLouvain. He welcomes us into the lair of the huge CMS particle accelerator to tell us about his research. Z Science is every Wednesday evening on Canal Z. 2023-05-16 14:53:55 1684278564 #meeting #Christophe #Delaere #Wednesday

hospitals prepare for return of unvaccinated caregivers

The rules of the game concerning the reintegration of unvaccinated caregivers were set by the government on May 2. As of Monday, May 15, these professionals will be reinstated in a post ” equivalent ” to the one they were forced to leave more than a year ago, since the establishment of the law of […]

At the bedside of the health of the waters of Lake Geneva

Par Sandy Plas Published yesterday at 7:12 p.m. , Update 4 hours ago A research technician at INRAE ​​in Thonon-les-Bains, Jean-Christophe Hustache pulls up a sampling tube, plunged 30 meters into the waters of Lake Geneva. Sandy Plas REPORTAGE – The border lake between France and Switzerland is facing a rise in surface temperature which […]

“Ocean Census Project Aims to Discover 100,000 New Marine Species in 10 Years”

The scientists involved in this new project aim to discover 100,000 new species in ten years. Courtesy Ocean Census. The project, which runs over ten years, aims to discover 100,000 marine species unknown until now. Four times more than the current rate of new identifications. Life in the depths of the oceans remains shrouded in […]

OpenAI removes customer data usage to protect privacy

“Clearly our customers don’t want us to train our model on their data, so we changed our plans”, said Sam Altman, Friday, May 5, to the American television channel CNBC. The CEO of OpenAI, the California-based start-up that develops the famous ChatGPT virtual chatbot, has announced that this important change has in fact taken place […]

The Covid-19 pandemic prepares us for future crises

08.05.2023 – 08:00 Swiss National Fund / Fonds national suisse Bern (ots) The SNSF conference on coronavirus research shows it: the Covid-19 pandemic has allowed us to accumulate a lot of useful knowledge to deal with future crises. “If in the future we have to deal with a new pandemic, we will not start from […]

The Dark Side of Energy Healing: Debunking the Myth of Mystical Healing Powers

In 1993, my appointment to the chair of complementary medicine at the University of Exeter caused much ink to flow, so much so that the university had organized a press conference. A reporter asked me what kinds of treatments I intended to study. I replied that as the only professor of complementary medicine in the […]