Welcome back Gardensia, Aism in the streets against Multiple Sclerosis – Medicine

Two flowers, gardenia and hydrangea (abbreviation ‘Gardensia) again in the Italian squares to fight multiple sclerosis (MS). Saturday 4, Sunday 5 and Wednesday 8, Women’s Day, they will be with 14,000 volunteers from Aism (Italian Multiple Sclerosis Association) in 5,000 different places to support scientific research against this disabling disease. Already now it is possible […]

Covid, the vaccine halves the risk of reinfection. The Italian study

Health and wellness Influenza: symptoms, incubation and transmission. What you need to know According to data collected by ISS sentinel doctors, the flu season exploded in Italy between 24 and 30 October. The most common symptoms include fever, dry cough and pain and can last up to 1-2 weeks in the worst cases. Vaccines remain […]

Quadriplegics learn to control wheelchair – 11/20/2022 – Science

A trio of quadriplegic patients learned to control their wheelchairs with their thoughts, which allowed them to roll a relatively complex route, avoiding obstacles, in the corridors of the German hospital where they were being followed. Research describing the feat has just been published by American and European specialists in the specialized journal iScience. This […]

Swearing is good for your health!

Swear words relieve, they even have surprising benefits, reveals this scientific study. They can for example serve as a strain relief. As for this mother who had set up a game with her children. “Sometimes we did the minute of funny time with transgressive words. We were entitled to a minute and each in turn, […]

Obesity: the “dream” pill for weight loss without exercise is really coming

Thanks to the help of lactate and phenylanine, the pill that promises to fight obesity could arrive without the need to play sports. @Jakubcejpek/123rf A team of US scientists recently published a study on a molecule that could be the cornerstone in the fight against obesity. The research teams of the Stanford University of Medicine […]

Scientists seek origins of monkey pox outbreak – 6/26/2022

When the first cases of monkeypox were identified in early May of this year, European health authorities were baffled. The virus was not known to spread easily between people, let alone infect dozens — and soon hundreds — of young men. The origins of the outbreak are now becoming clearer. Genetic analysis suggests that although […]

the hope of a vaccine subject to European agreements

This time, the enemy seems well and truly installed, and permanently. “The avian influenza viruses that currently affect French and European farms come from the Guangdong lineage, named after a Chinese city where the first H5Nx viruses (H5N1, H5N2, and following, Ed.) were first identified in 1996,” recalls Pierre Bessière, teacher-researcher at the Toulouse veterinary […]

Genetic risk of diabetes can be circumvented with diet – 04/27/2022

The combination of an unbalanced diet, including high amounts of sugars and fats, in individuals with a genetic predisposition raises the risk of developing type 2 diabetes by up to 119%. On the other hand, in people with a high genetic risk of developing diabetes, a balanced diet, with fruits, vegetables and raw vegetables and […]