Scientists discover THIS off the coast of Tahiti

Scientists have discovered a healthy reef of giant rose-shaped corals more than 100 feet (30 meters) off the coast of Tahiti. This is an important discovery as coral reefs suffer from climate change. Door Redactie Online &nbsp- 24/01/2022 om 09:00 “This is one of the largest coral reefs in the world at a depth of […]

Maybe we should laugh more at the climate disaster?

Crowded with stars Don’t look up! one of the most divisive films of recent years, it has dominated online debates for weeks, bouncing even climate scientists and film critics. No wonder, as apocalypse humor and political satire mix with the most vehement activism. It’s already outperformed in terms of views, but it’s questionable whether the […]

200 climate scientists ask COP26 for immediate action – Diario de Querétaro

Some 200 climate change scientists on Thursday asked attendees at COP26 to take immediate and far-reaching measures against global warming. “We underline the need for immediate, strong, rapid, sustainable and large-scale actions to limit warming below + 2 ° C and to continue efforts to limit it to 1.5 ° C”, as foreseen in the […]

Scientists from nine countries delve into ocean technologies at Plocan

As highlighted by Plocan in a statement, this year the Glider School has stood out for its “international dimension”, bringing together students from Portugal, Sweden, Germany, Spain, Turkey, Ireland, Kenya, Sri Lanka and the United Kingdom. And they specify that there have been, among them three scientists from the Spanish Institute of Oceanography, as well […]

Astronomers have discovered the youngest exoplanet / GORDON

“Thousands of planets have been discovered around other stars, but this one is new and can be observed directly. The planet, named 2M0437b, is joining a handful of objects that expand our understanding of how planets form and change over time, helping to shed a new one. light on the origin of the solar system […]

Scientists urge Johnson to apply restrictions to avoid lockdown

A patient is taken by ambulance to the Royal London Hospital in London. / EFE Bulgaria warns that it is also on the brink of a new closure as the EU urges governments to speed up vaccination Scientific advisers to the British Government on Friday urged Boris Johnson and his ministers to launch an immediate […]

Mont Blanc is lower, scientists have reduced its height by a meter

The official altitude of Mont Blanc has been steadily declining for more than ten years. 29. sep 2021 or 18:44 TASR GRENOBLE. Mont Blanc, the highest mountain in Western Europe, is, according to the latest measurements, almost a meter lower than officially stated so far. This was announced on Wednesday by French scientists, quoted by […]