Urine test to detect Alzheimer’s in the early stages – Heilpraxis

Biomarkers in urine indicate Alzheimer’s disease When the first symptoms of a Alzheimer’s disease occur, it often is too late for treatments that slow the progression of the disease. Because the first disease processes often take place decades before the first effects. A new Urine test should the dementia in a early stage reveal so […]

| HUG – Geneva University Hospitals

Events of Thursday, November 3, 2022 at HUG Information and screening stands. Following the previous editions of the heart vessels brain day, the University Hospitals of Geneva are organizing a fourth day of workshops, screenings and conferences on the theme of diseases of the heart, vessels and brain, pathologies with identical origins. From 11 a.m. […]

free screenings for actinic keratosis

From Friday 23 September, in various regions of Italy, the awareness campaign “Signals on the skin”, aimed at raising awareness on the importance of keeping the spots that appear on the skin under control. A series of free screening visits will be dedicated to people who have particular rough lesions to the touch. If you […]

EU reviews cancer recommendations, more screening planned – Europe

BRUXELLES – New EU recommendations to increase cancer prevention with a broader indication of screening. Breast cancer screening is now recommended for women between the ages of 45 and 74 (from the current 50-69), and for cervical cancer by the papillomavirus test between the ages of 30 and 65. Testing for colorectal cancer is expected […]

Cancer: skin sensor detects changes in the size of tumors

First of all: It’s about the skin of mice. They, the mice, carry the newly developed sensor, which could give drug research against cancer a boost. Does a drug work in the test animals or not? Is the tumor getting smaller? It should now be possible to answer these questions much more quickly and easily, […]

The Health Tour | in Piazza San Carlo

The Tour della Salute, the itinerant event, now in its fourth edition, which from June to September will touch 12 Italian cities, will make a stop in Turin, on Saturday 9 and Sunday 10 July, with the aim of raising awareness among citizens on the importance of prevention and on the need to lead a […]

AI, the big push in breast cancer screening

Artificial intelligence as support for radiologists in breast cancer screening would allow a greater number of cancers to be detected, which would mean a better prognosis for the patient and the use of less aggressive treatments, according to Dr. Esperanza Elías, a radiologist specializing in Intelligence Artificial applied to screening … Artificial intelligence as support […]

first step screening for the care of every woman

On the occasion of the Open week promoted by the Onda Foundation – National Observatory on Women’s and Gender Health – the Local Health Authority of Bologna aims at correct information, as well as at raising awareness of women on the importance and ease of access to cancer screening, by making network with local institutions […]

for recall 4th dose over 80 Fvg starts from good numbers

Past data on the flu had indicated last year that, in the anti-Covid vaccination campaign Friuli Venezia Giulia started from a rearguard position. Despite this, our region has reached only one point from the national average in relation to the third doses administered. Another not obvious result, due to the not simple management of procedures […]

A cancer that remains silent for too long

Colorectal cancer does not cause symptoms until late. On the occasion of the blue month, the emphasis is on early detection. It’s not a very sexy subject, yet it is imperative to talk about it, colorectal cancer must be detected in time to be treated. This month is traditionally called “blue March”, because it is […]