Pepe Snchez CABB Youth Coordinator | Confederation

Changes in the Argentine Confederation are ongoing. After an intense day where the continuity of Sergio Hernndez at the head of the senior team until the Tokyo Olympics and the approval of FIBA ​​for the change of the statute was known, now the leaders of the CABB aimed at the change and development of their […]

Divers have found an ancient mine in the submarine caves, hiding a message from the past

American scientists have published a new study in the journal Science News, in which they report about a wonderful archaeological find, which according to them represents the remains of an underground ocher mine from 12,000 years ago. “Underwater caves are like a time-lapse cabin and provide clear evidence of ocher mining thousands of years ago,” […]

Exercising (even just walking) reduces the risk of sleep apnea

Canadian and Australian researchers have conducted a study, the largest to date, in which they state that increased physical activity is associated with a lower risk of obstructive sleep apnea, a common sleep-related respiratory disorder. The researchers reviewed the medical, lifestyle, sociodemographic, and sleep health data collected from more than 155,000 adults who participated in […]

There is a shortage of offers on the North and Baltic Seas

Dusseldorf The tour operator DER Touristik promises crystal clear lakes, “an impressive mountain panorama and traditional, richly decorated villages”. “Spectacular looks”, enthuses the advertising text, abound on the trip. We’re not talking about the Himalayas or the Peruvian Andes, but about the Bavarian Tegernsee. Those who are studying the travel offers of the Rewe subsidiary […]

Recovery bursts onto the coast and relives the Spanish dream of the beach house

06/14/2017 12:00 – Updated: 06/30/2017 19:20 The crazy eighties were running. The ‘Un, dos, tres’, space directed by Chicho Ibáñez Serrador and presented by Mayra Gómez Kemp, threw the house out the window every week with prizes such as cars, trips to Cancun or apartments in Torrevieja, Jávea, La Marina, La Manga del Mar Menor […]

Neanderthal, the first rope weaver 40,000 years ago

Neanderthal, the first rope weaver 40,000 years ago Paleo. Our old missing cousin, the Neanderthal Man has not finished surprising us. From discoveries to archaeological discoveries, here we learn that he made ornaments, manufactured sophisticated tools or more recently, that he exploited marine resources in the coastal areas that he encountered. Better: the Neanderthals, it […]

A pharaonic capital for the Egypt of Al Sisi | International

“It will be a bigger square than Tiananmen,” Ahmed (a figurative name) boasts, amid the suffocating dust cloud lifted by dozens of trucks that roam a place strewn with cranes between the Nile and the Red Sea. The employee of the public company that builds the New Administrative Capital of Egypt, 40 kilometers east of […]