Real estate: Annecy, the second most expensive city in the province!

Posted on 01/13/2021 at 4:48 p.m. By MATHIAS BESSON A new ranking evokes – and at the same time confirms – the dearness of Annecy on the real estate market. According to the latest LPI-SeLoger barometer, which has drawn up a top 10 of large cities, the Venice of the Alps is the fifth most […]

the number of hospitalized patients halved from the peak of the second wave

Posted on Wednesday, December 2, 2020 at 6:38 a.m. Through Sudinfo with Belga The number of Covid patients hospitalized in Belgium has halved compared to November 3, at the peak of the second wave. There are now less than 4,000 hospitalized patients for Covid-19 in Belgium. Of the 3,707 patients currently treated, 854 are being […]

the organizer paid a guard to watch the police …

Posted on Tuesday, December 1, 2020 at 9:16 a.m. Through Sudinfo The police did not expect to put an end to a new party when they went to this large villa in Rhode-Saint-Genèse, a house located near that of former Prime Minister Sophie Wilmès. This weekend, the police had to once again put an end […]

Police officers injured in the Val d’Oise. A second suspect arrested

In Herblay (Val-d’Oise), two police officers had “been violently assaulted on October 7, while they were“ hideout ”. The attackers had beaten them, before stealing their weapons and firing at them. Shortly after the events, a man was arrested and indicted after surrendering. Yesterday, Tuesday December 1, the forces of man proceeded to the arrest […]

The second darkest October since 1887

In Uccle, the duration of sunstroke only reached 56 hours and 32 minutes, where the normal is 112 hours and 38 minutes. OOctober 2020 will have been the second darkest October since measurements began in 1887, the Royal Meteorological Institute (IRM) reported in its monthly climate report on Sunday. In Uccle, the duration of sunstroke […]