two police officers attacked during an intervention

Two police officers were severely beaten on Sunday in Valenciennes by around fifteen individuals as they tried to end an urban rodeo. Two police officers were severely beaten by about fifteen individuals during an intervention on a car rodeo in a sensitive area of ​​Valenciennes on Sunday December 13, said the police union Alliance. Read […]

Covid-19: an epidemic revealing an ecological and societal crisis

Tribune. The year 2020 will have been marked by the first epidemic translation of the planetary ecological crisis. If we are not careful, other epidemics will follow because the same causes will produce the same effects. We know the impetus, namely the extremely rapid transmission of a coronavirus, a virus that has crossed the species […]

Delinquency is spreading to rural France

EXCLUSIVE – The radicalization of behavior in rural and peri-urban areas entrusted to the gendarmerie is spectacular. Le Figaro analyzed the 2020 balance sheet. No less than 8% increase in violence in 2020, all categories combined, in rural and peri-urban areas entrusted to the gendarmerie. While these same deliberate attacks on physical integrity have fallen […]

breathalyzer, giant screen mobile theater, and nonalcoholic drinks menu

To the road operation that this summer includes breathalyzer controls during 24 hours on routes, in 2021 a strong awareness campaign with shaft in alcohol and driving. The initiative of the National Road Safety Agency (ANSV), a body under the Ministry of Transport, includes a play projected on a giant screen, interventions in the menus […]

Hong Kong: Dozens of opponents arrested under security law

HONG KONG (Reuters) – Hong Kong police on Wednesday said they had arrested 53 people in an unprecedented operation against the Democratic movement since the Beijing-instigation of the law in June. national security. Hong Kong police said on Wednesday they had arrested 53 people in an unprecedented operation against the Democratic movement since Beijing’s instigation […]

Addictware -Technology News

Details Written by Martha Gomez Cruz Published: 05 January 2021 In the first three quarters of 2020, 18.1 million smartphones were sold in Mexico; MediaTek managed to grow 18% in Mexico. The smartphone industry grew 2.4% in Latin America in terms of units in the third quarter of 2020, although in Mexico there was a […]

Signal safest messenger for the average user (01/02/2021)

Kuketz Blog devotes a long, very readable series of articles to the subject of Messenger. In conclusion, Signal is the ultimate alternative to WhatsApp and the best overall package for average users. Available for all platforms and for multi-device installations, safe, functional. Close by is Threema, which recently became open source, but unlike Signal, it […]

CEAG concludes hydraulic works in Dolores Hidalgo – Boletines Dependencias

They improve hydraulic infrastructure in the northern municipality of Guanajuato. They benefit 10 communities in Dolores Hidalgo with water works. Dolores Hidalgo, Gto. to January 1, 2021.– The Government of the State of Guanajuato, through the State Water Commission, concluded the works of 2 drinking water systems that will benefit 10 communities in this region […]