A “selfie studio” opens its doors in Huy with 15 themed universes (Video)

By Florent Erculisse | Published on 8/5/2021 5:14 PM Photo lovers, Flash Huy could be for you! On nearly fifteen themed universes, the establishment allows you to take selfies, with friends or family, and to have a pleasant, quirky and original moment. ** ************** ** ******* ********** ***** ********** *** ****** **** ** *** ** […]

Influencer Sophia Cheung († 32) dies after falling

Influencer Sophia Cheung fell from a waterfall in Hong Kong while she was about to take a photo for Instagram. She was killed in the process. Sophia Cheung died at the age of 32. – Instagram/@hike.sofi Ad the essentials in brief There are many photos of her in nature on Sophia Cheung’s Instagram channel. On […]

Minister of Education finds it “regrettable that …

In this regard, Figueroa said that “this threat is totally unconcerned,” since he indicated that his time is focused on “ensuring the right to education.” Raul Figueroa, the current Minister of Education, took advantage of the contingency of the modifications to the Step by Step Plan to speak of the possible constitutional accusation against him. […]

“Pact with the devil”: 19-year-old found guilty

He had a contract with the devil signed in his own blood: every six months he wanted to kill six women. Now a court has found him guilty of the murder of two women. In a high-profile case involving the murder of two sisters in London, a British court found a 19-year-old guilty. The man […]

The Chinese Mars rover Zhurong sends his first selfies

The image of the landing platform of the Chinese Mars rover also shows its tracks on the surface. From the point of view of the rover Zhurong there is not much to see apart from red desert landscapes. The panorama shot shows the all-round view from the rover. The “selfie” shows the Chinese Mars rover […]

Katja Burkard shares a rare selfie with husband Hans Mahr

She is one of the most famous presenters in Germany. And despite the hustle and bustle on Instagram, Katja Burkard rarely shows very private insights. Now she delights fans with a rare photo with her husband. Photo series with 20 pictures At “RTL Punkt 12” it is considered a figurehead. Almost every week Katja Burkard […]

A new beauty craze thanks to selfies, social media and Co.?

Updated June 4, 2021, 2:23 pm Bigger eyes, smoother cheeks – with photo filters, that’s no problem on social media. But more and more young people want to look like this without digital help, say plastic surgeons. Adults too develop new desires for beauty in the pandemic. You can find more advisory topics here Werner […]

«Valparaíso 1»: Astronomers discover accumulation of …

The discovery suggests that many such formations may be hidden in the inner regions of our galaxy and that until now it has been impossible to observe. Although the stars that make it up could be easily observable, even with an amateur telescope, so far this massive open cluster housed in the Sagittarius arm of […]