This hasn’t been here before: Viewers Sunny Rage because of …

Josefíková had on Thursday on TV Prima premiere in the series Slunečná. It was one of the fastest engagements for the actress. Everything was baked in practically a few hours, when the creators called her and offered her the role. “It was a quickie. Before I nodded, it was important for me to talk to […]

The Simpsons took the Czech Škoda 10T tram

In its latest 31st series, the cult American series Simpson has prepared a pleasant surprise for all Czech fans of trains and trams. In the episode, which was broadcast in the Czech premiere by Prima Cool television a few days ago (in the USA, the part premiered in November 2019), the famous “yellow family” took […]


For a long time she was an integral part of the serial hairdressing. Seven years ago, however, she moved to Málkov, and since then, viewers have heard only sketchyly about her in a few mentions in connection with Světlana. In the backdrop of the Street, Ingrid blinked briefly four years ago. But that will change […]

The end in Sunny? Eva Burešová terrifies fans with her behavior!

Eva Burešová shows that she can be a nice rebel. The representative of Týna in the Slunečná series has decided to take a completely unexpected step. Did it endanger the filming of the series? Actress Eva Burešová is the main star of the series Sunny. It’s no secret that the actors are strictly forbidden to […]

Maciuchová surprised the surroundings with a radical change: Coronavirus is to blame!

The former star of the Street series is not afraid of change, even at his age. Although she will soon be celebrating her seventieth birthday, it doesn’t stop her from thinking crazy. Hana Maciuchová started experimenting with her hairstyle. You can barely recognize her in the new one. Everyone remembers her as Professor Miriam Hejlová […]