Bad evidence: body odor and justice

48989 “It was him, I recognize the body odor.” But is the human scent good as evidence in court? Foto: pathdoc – It’s rarely dealt with in court, although it’s well suited to infuriating other people: body odor. But if it is inhaled through legal nostrils, the human scent acquires a weight of its […]

New parts of Cuckoos: What’s going on behind the camera?

All the main heroes returned to the square, including the doyens of Petr Kostka (84) and Libuše Švormová (86). And director Biser Arichtev (45) pampers them directly! During the break between the individual paintings, for example, he massaged his serial great-grandfather Kostek’s stiff back. He was very happy that he won the popular actor again […]

“Slave Isaura” brought her success and a curse. Lucelia Santos turns 65

The early days of Santos’ career weren’t easy. The star mentions that she had no support from her parents, who would definitely prefer her daughter to take up “something more serious” than acting. Lucelia, however, already at the age of nine knew who she wanted to become in the future. She began to pursue this […]

Marlies Thurn und Taxis: “Really overwhelming”

Marlies and Paul Thurn and Taxis at the Graz Opera.Photo: NTD “It touches, inspires, you can hardly believe it,” say viewers after the Shen Yun performance at the Graz Opera. Others praised the interaction of the elements on stage as “perfect harmony”. “Really phenomenal!” said Marlies Thurn und Taxis during the intermission of the Shen […]

“The city is ours”. They really did. The scandal that shook America

What does all this tell us? By choosing one story and not another, the miniseries’ makers wanted to show in a painfully realistic way how systemic racism and corruption was eating up America. Of course, these are not new conclusions, because “The Wire” – the evident spiritual predecessor of the new HBO series – did […]

Serkan is done with Ed! His love choice was quite shocking

Who would have thought that the popular actors Ed and Serkan, who played the central couple in Love for Rent, would end up together in real life? At least their love was believable. And maybe the series is a favorite of fans around the world. But… Serkan and Eda actually became a couple. Source: burcu […]

Frédéric François joins the cast of a famous French soap opera (photo)

Cinema-TV-Review TV Posted on Thursday, April 14, 2022 at 10:27 a.m. By X.V. Signed Ciné-Télé-Revue The singer will play himself in the daily series of TMC. What a surprise ! While he recently unveiled his album of duets, Frédéric François will soon land on the small screen in a series that you know well… This […]

Kelly of Beverly Hills 90210 celebrated her 50th birthday!

Tori Spelling (48) shared on Instagram their joint photo from the eighties, on which they both wore into horribly colored elders and jerseys, the outfit is complemented by the then necessary headbands and wristbands. Dagmar Havlová at the Karel Vágner celebration: She talked about her granddaughters! “You are more beautiful today than you were 30 […]