Dragon Ball without Goku? It existed and Akira Toriyama created it

Anime By Rodrigo Cortes | July 2, 2020, 3:59 PM The history and chronology of Dragon Ball It is very special for a variety of reasons, among them we have that people really do not know what the beginning and end of the series is, some think that it all started in DBZ and ended […]

The new series from the creators of ‘Dark’: what it is about and when it opens

The strange and mysterious world of ‘Dark’ has caused real madness in different countries of the world, to the point that it became the most watched series of the moment. Dark but compelling, the story of ‘Jonas’ and time travel was a real success with three sensational seasons. Suspense, science fiction, physics and philosophy: all […]

Ozark season 3: fans shocked by this detail after the announcement of season 4

Only three months after the arrival of season 3 on Netflix, the news has fallen! Yesterday, the platform confirmed the return of the suspense series Ozark for a fourth and final season. Fans will therefore be able to discover the final outcome of the adventures of the Byrde family in a suite which already promises […]

The 100 season 7: Episode 7, a bad surprise for Clarke, our verdict

That’s it, episode 7 of season 7 of The 100 was broadcast on the CW and it turned out to be full of pretty striking scenes. The action in The Queen’s Gambit is divided into 2 parts: on one side on Sanctum and on the other on Bardo. On Sanctum and as the promo video […]

My First Times on Netflix: The series is officially renewed for a season 2

Good news for fans! After yesterday’s announcement of the arrival of a fourth and final season for Ozark, it’s the turn of the successful teen-show My First Times to get a season 2. Indeed, the series which recounts the sentimental and friendly setbacks of the young and sparkling Devi ended with a nice cliffhanger, leaving […]