Velvet – Gumicukor – Ervin Nagy’s new hairstyle surprised many

Ervin Nagy hides in Jimmy Zámbó’s skin The king in the series, which will tell the life of the singer with a tragic fate in 10 episodes. In the RTL studio, the actor was also asked if he had changed his appearance for the role. According to Nagy, her hair is basically like this, but […]

We would prefer to take a shower after the first teaser of the new Netflix series

Netflix was so into serial killer docu-series that the bosses decided it was time to get into the subject properly. Is coming Dahmer – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Storythe first trailer of which is so cruel that you almost feel sick while watching it. The ten-part miniseries will be about Jeffrey Dahmer, who beheaded at […]

Laurent Ruquier’s guests on France 2

Sunday September 18 at 6:35 p.m., Laurent Ruquier will invite you to follow a new entertainment issue “Les enfants de la Télé”. Here are the guests who will be received this week on the show. Every Sunday, Laurent Ruquier gives viewers and personalities present on the set a friendly moment of mood and humor around […]

all the premieres in series and movies for september

The great premiere of Amazon Prime Video not only in September, but throughout the year, is The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power. The series about the work of J. R. R. Tolkien It is the most expensive in history, which shows that the platform bet on it like no other. Among the […]

“The House of the Dragon”, a spin-off to blood and fire

In the middle of summer, one of the series that has raised the most “hype” in recent times is released. For whom the saga “Game of Thrones” was not enough, HBO kept in the bedroom the rights to the audiovisual adaptation of the predecessor work of George RR Martin, “Fire and Blood”. In this adaptation […]