Health trends that will mark the year 2021 | Companies

The health sector takes on greater relevance: all eyes are on this industry. Not only because immunization against Covid depends on it and, to a large extent, the way out of the crisis, but also because the pandemic has triggered health prevention, although, for now, individual. In a still complex 2021, with most areas under […]

Summary of top news from the Thai e-Finance News Agency of November 26, 2020

   Stocks featured early morning: AOT can’t keep going .. Maybe the slowest recovery in the travel group?AOT’s share price cannot continue to exhaust. It has flashed almost to the bottom since the news of the COVID-19 vaccine … Given the earnings outlook, it looks like the AOT will recover the slowest among the travel […]

The Arecibo radio telescope, hunter of Et – Space & Astronomy, retires

The most famous radio telescope in the world, that of Arecibo, on the island of Puerto Rico, famous for hunting for signs of extraterrestrial life, retires, destined for safety reasons, with the Seti project (Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence), and the protagonist of famous discoveries such as pulsars, one of the most intense radio sources in […]