COMEX gold jumps to $30.5 on news of China’s military exercises around Taiwan

 COMEX gold surged $30.5 to close at the highest level in more than a month on concerns about China’s military exercises around Taiwan. After a missile was fired into Japanese waters. Foreign news reports revealed that yesterday (4 Aug 65) the Commodity Exchange (COMEX) gold contract was delivered in December. It was […]

Summary of top news, e-finance Thai news agency on August 1, 2022

SET to ban companies from investing Stocks-Futures-Digital Assets Exceed 40% of the assets.The SET bans companies from investing in stocks, futures, digital assets more than 40% of their total assets. If violated, there is a risk of being revoked. ready to open Prepare to revise the rules that listed companies are prohibited from being […]

Summary of top news, e-finance Thai news agency, dated 27 July 2022

Today’s top stocks : DELTA’s budget grows more than expected …Is it a buy signal yet?This morning (July 27, 65) DELTA jumped up to 25.54%, received Q2/22 budget, growing 68% more than the market, while the broker sees the second half’s performance continues to grow. Followed by business support into the high season – […]

Vitalik pointed out! If you want to use Proof-of-Work, go for Ethereum Classic!

  Vitalik advises those who still believe in Proof-of-Work Goes Ethereum Classic Instead After Upgrading The Merge Looks Like a Good Blockchain not bad And the user community is lovely. From the 5th The Ethereum Community Conference or EthCC held on July 19-21, Ethereum creator Vitalik Buterin stated that after upgrading The Merge, who […]