Chelsea can steal a signing from Liverpool: Matheus Nunes

Rewrite this content Chelsea does not stop. Liverpool have been behind Portuguese midfielder Matheus Nunes for some time. In principle, they would not have real competition from any club to get the player; but, again, Chelsea would want to meddle in the operation and reach an agreement with Wolverhampton before those at Anfield. One of […]

Theatre: Funeral | Tourism of the Province of Seville

Rewrite this content A comically dramatic play about life, death, property speculation, and historical memory. Work written and directed by Verónica Rodríguez. Performed by Migue López and Eva Gallego. The work is a tribute to the neighborhood full of humor, poetic language and social denunciation. The interpreters of him take the spectator by the hand […]

The Nervión tram advances in San Francisco Javier, but gets stuck in the tunnel

The work to extend the tramway to Nervión (1.4 kilometres) has run into major obstacles that make almost impossible for the Seville City Council to reach the May 2023 elections with this project executed, despite the forecasts made by the local government. The section that is causing headaches is the Ramón y Cajal subway, which […]

Seville, Cádiz and Málaga, the Andalusian cities most graced by the Fat

22/12/2021 Updated at 1:50 p.m. Seville and Cádiz are the Andalusian cities that have been favored more times by the Extraordinary Christmas Draw of the National Lottery, since in them the ‘Gordo’ have relapsed 17 and 12 times respectively, throughout the history of the draw, according to data from State Lotteries and Gambling consulted by […]

Group F: Dangerous traps for Belgium and Croatia

The best generations of Belgians and Croatians, some more viewed or outdated than others, have deservedly hung up as group favorites… although that is precisely what Canada and Morocco want: a single point of relaxation for Europeans to throw himself at the neck of the great candidates. Two very rough teams (Canada more physical, Morocco […]

The players of al poder

When I think of Nero, the image of Peter Ustinov, lyre at the ready, while Rome burns, comes to mind. When I think of Elon Musk, too. His masked face makes a great impression on me, as much or more than that of Berlusconi trying to blink carefully so as not to ruin his lifting. […]