“It’s a smear campaign”

The television host Jey Mammon published a statement on his Twitter account after receiving a complaint of sexual abuse in the last hoursaccusations which he described as false, in addition to stating that he is the victim of a “persistent campaign of harassment and defamation.” The Telefé star was denounced by a young man named […]

They aggravate the accusation of a man accused of raping an 11-year-old “niece”

UFI prosecutor Anivi Ingrid Schott aggravated the charge of a man who is accused of having raped an 11-year-old “niece”. It is that during the investigation new elements of conviction arose that further complicate the suspect, since it is believed that he also subdued the minor through groping and other maneuvers that led the Prosecutor’s […]

R. Kelly gets another 20 years in prison for child abuse

American R&B singer R. Kelly was sentenced to 20 years in prison in Chicago on Thursday. This will not be in addition to his previous sentence of 30 years, but will overlap with it. In September, a Chicago court found R. Kelly guilty of sexually assaulting minors and making child sexual abuse images. The American […]

Woman is suing Harvey Weinstein after her testimony led to his conviction

An Italian model, whose testimony led to former Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein being found guilty of rape by a Los Angeles jury in December, has filed a civil suit against Weinstein. The woman is suing Weinstein for, among other things, sexual assault and willful infliction of emotional distress, according to a complaint filed with a […]

“The Squid Game”: Veteran actor O Yeong-su was accused of sexual abuse Squid Game Netflix USA South Korea United States CELEBS RMMN | SHOWS

Veteran actor O Yeong-su, known globally for his role in the series “Squid Game” (“The Squid Game”), has been indicted by South Korean prosecutors for allegedly inappropriately touching a woman, the Yonhap news agency reported today. The Suwon District Prosecutor’s Office (south of Seoul) yesterday formalized the accusation against O, who was denounced by a […]