90-year-old man says he’s gay after decades of hiding it – CNN

(CNN) –– Locked at home by the pandemic and without much to do, Kenneth Felts began to write a memoir about his 90 years of life. But, as he wrote, Felts quickly realized that his story would never be complete if he did not share the secret that he had kept hidden all his life: […]

Really open! These stars are talking about their first time – stars

The first time is always something special, even for stars like Katy Perry, Angelina Jolie and Co.! Here you can find out how her first sex went … With this confession, Angelina Jolie caused a lot of attention in 2007: “I started having sex with my boyfriend, but the sex and the emotions were not […]

Young Soda Bottle From Her Body: ‘It Was Accidentally’

Zihni Kocaerkek, General Surgery Specialist at the Private Seljuk Hospital in Karaman, said in his evaluation after the event: Foreign bodies inserted through the ‘rectum’ or anal region can be of several types. We can divide them into erotic objects or objects used for assault purposes. Erotic objects are mostly in the style of various […]

“Jumbo”, disenchanted merry-go-round – Culture / Next

There are people who fall in love with objects, and it’s really very serious. This is where Zoé Wittock was coming from, in a first film born of his fascination for these individuals, often suffering from autistic disorders, who develop an attraction for the inanimate – so this American objectophile, from whom the filmmaker is […]

Sensual exercises to perform in quarantine

In these weeks at home, the body has changed its routines, especially in those who did not have the discipline to go to the gym or exercise frequently. The walks to move from one place to another, the outings to dance and all daily movements have stopped. That influences health in a negative way, more […]

A meeting with the writer Catherine Robbe-Grillet

Dhe magnolia trees are blooming and the night is mild, but Madame Robbe-Grillet is wearing gloves. Not because of the cold, but because of the principle: Madame alone determines how close the world can get to her. In addition, a cream-colored long coat, including a huge chain pendant with dozens of dainty heart-shaped diamonds – […]

“Palermo Palermo”, the intact plume of Pina Bausch

November 9, 1989 falls in Berlin the “wall of shame”. A month later, on the stage of the Wuppertal theater, the new creation of the German choreographer Pina Bausch opens with the collapse, with a great crash, of a wall of rubble stones, on the rubble of which the dancers will run in high heels […]

Shitstorm for Till Lindemann: Who is raping whom?

Wwhat is worse, bad poems or their stupid interpretation? The correct answer is B, the stupid interpretation. This is particularly true when there is a charge of rape. What happened? The singer Till Lindemann, known as a fire-breathing front man from Rammstein, has published a booklet entitled “100 Poems” by the Kiepenheuer & Witsch publishing […]

Gwyneth Paltrow asks for help to support her husband during confinement

Gwyneth Paltrow turned to an expert in sexuality and intimacy for advice. U.S. American actress Gwyneth Paltrow rShe turned to a sexuality and intimacy expert for advice on how to deal with the days of quarantine next to her husband, producer Brad Falchuk, as well as his children. The professional Michaela Boehm He spoke to […]