Three ways to speed up your metabolism to get fit and lose weight

02/07/2020 11:17 – Updated: 07/02/2020 11:18 When it comes to losing weight, everyone thinks that it only takes a lot of willpower, do strenuous physical exercise and deprive yourself of rich and nutritious foods. But this does not guarantee anything either, since in the end each body is a world, and it will be better […]

Little girl bitten by a bat rescued by the poison control center of Foggia

The 7-year-old Swedish girl, who came into contact with the animal in recent days, was discharged from the hospital in Livorno, after treatment received in the pediatric ward. The medicines arrived from the Policlinico Riuniti of the Apulian city Bad adventure with a happy ending for a 7 year old Swedish girl, scratched by a […]

The International Board approves the five changes temporarily

The International Board (IFAB), guarantor of football laws, has authorized the passage of three to five changes per game this Friday to avoid injury to the players, after a two-month hiatus, a provisional measure applicable since the resumption of competitions. This amendment to Gambling Law 3, which comes “immediately into force”, will apply to competitions […]

Discover a simple way to lose weight without having to exercise

Surely you have heard it on several occasions: sitting too long (sedentary life) greatly influences your health and can increase the risk of Heart problems, diabetes type 2, depression, back pain and a long etcetera of pathologies. By that same rule of three, it would make sense to think that being up longer would counteract […]

The new way of shopping: with mask and testers one by one

Clothing stores were, along with bars and restaurants, the first establishments that had to close as soon as the state of alarm was declared. At the time when President Pedro Sánchez mentioned the Government’s plan to confine the population and close non-essential activities, thousands of establishments had to close the shutter not knowing when they […]

Ball: The Basque Federation suspends GRABNI permanently due to the choroanvirus

Pelotaris from a previous edition of the tournament. / DV Extending confinement prevents amateur competition from fitting into the calendar There will be no GRABNI in 2020. The board of the Basque Federation has decided suspend this competition due to the difficulty of fitting it into the calendar, due to the impossibility of contesting it […]