Pension funds cannot afford not to buy more shares ::

The coronavirus further changes the game for pension funds. Photo: Bloomberg US stock indexes reached record highs in recent months after a sharp rise in mass sales at the beginning of the year due to the coronavirus. But even with these inflated estimates, pension investors need to buy more stocks and other risky assets, Inigo […]

Carvana’s owners became $ 5 billion richer in one day

The American company Carvana, which trades in used cars, has not yet published its quarterly results. Despite the little information the company has shared in recent years, Ernie Garcia Sr. and his son Ernie Garcia Jr. have become some of the richest people in the United States. The father is the largest shareholder in the […]

Trevor Milton lost $ 757 million a day after retiring from Nikola

A few months ago, the founder of electric truck manufacturer Nikola Trevor Milton became one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the United States, increasing his wealth several times after the company’s debut on the stock exchange. But today, he is rapidly losing his fortune after a report a few days ago accused Nikola of […]

Gloomy outlook: A “lost decade” for US stocks follows

The coming years could be a “lost decade” for equity investors, says Blackstone executive vice president Tony James. He predicts that the return on US stocks will collapse as companies will not be able to increase their revenues and profits. According to him, stock prices may not rise, since their assessment already includes a “horizon […]

Nongfu Spring’s stock market debut “created” China’s third richest man

One of the hottest debuts on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange this year is not of a technology giant or a company in the financial sector. And to a company that bottles water. Her initial public offering (IPO) managed to make the creator of Nongfu Spring the third richest man in China. The company’s shares […]

US stocks turned red, led by technology giants

US stocks went red on Thursday, the worst day for them since June, driven by a sharp drop in the price of a number of technology companies that have led markets up in recent months. The Nasdaq Composite erased almost 5%, the biggest one-day drop since June 11. The S&P 500 lost 3.5%, with all […]

Technology stocks in the US outperformed the entire European stock market

The market capitalization of American technology companies reached $ 9.1 trillion on Friday. The entire European stock market, including the United Kingdom and Switzerland, is worth only $ 8.9 trillion. By comparison, in 2007 Bank of America reported that US technology stocks reached a quarter of the value of the entire European stock market across […]

Warren Buffett celebrates his nineties. He started investing at the age of eleven

Buffet conglomerates are involved in about 90 companies in various fields. In fact, there are also significant shares in a number of well-known companies, such as the world’s largest producer of soft drinks, Coca-Cola, which Buffett loves. And his empire was able to cope with the coronavirus crisis. In the second quarter, after a record […]