The European Free Alliance defends a Clarity Act and the right to self-determination

participants in the debate on the future of Europe at the Mantinum in Bastia: Flemish Member of Parliament and Belgian Senator Karl Vanlouwe, Catalan MEP Jordi Solé, FTA President Lorena Lacalle, President of the Community Executive Council of Corsica Gilles Simeoni, the Catalan independence leader Oriol Junqueras, the president of the Assembly of Corsica Nanette […]

“She fined me almost every day, the last fines are extreme”

Posted on Monday, August 30, 2021 at 08:32 Through Sudinfo It was when she received her first two fines that Rose realized that she had not renewed her resident card. Problem, there were six more. When she tells her story to our colleagues at RTL, Rose still has not taken the edge off. Because a […]

Nathalie Somé elected president of the Superior Council of Communication

(Agence Ecofin) – Nathalie Somé will succeed Béatrice Damiba at the head of the Higher Council of Communication of Burkina Faso. She was is elected by his peers this 1is September. Désiré Kombeogo was elected to the post of Vice-President. Until now this function was assigned on appointment by the Head of State. This time, […]

Dead Space rises from the dead

23/7/21 07:34 | Sil Hendriks | PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One | 0 comments Despite the critical acclaim, the Dead Space series was never quite a financial success. Publisher Electronic Arts therefore decided to put the franchise on ice after three games and some spin-offs. But yesterday we got another sign of life. A teaser […]

Relive classic Battlefield moments in Battlefield 2042

The problem with a series like Battlefield is that each part of the series is set in a different time period and location. And although the gameplay remains essentially the same, not everyone will be equally enthusiastic about every (fictional) war. During EA PLAY, the publisher showcased Battlefield: Portal, a community-powered expansion to 2042. It […]

MG Marvel R: Elektro-SUV made in China

MG is bringing the second electric car to Germany, this time a compact SUV. The car comes from China, but German technology is still under the sheet metal. 30.06.2021 Peter Weißenberg, Spotpress In the new world of the electric car industry, there are three power centers on three different continents: the Mecca of battery cells […]

More details revealed about the EA Play Live show

Thursday, July 22, Electronic Arts will host the EA Play Live show. This date was already known, but we now also know the time. The show starts at 19:00 Dutch time. EA confirmed this in a Twitter post. During the EA Play Live show we can at least expect images of Fifa 22, Battlefield 2042 […]

Hector Parra. Daughter dedicates congratulations for Father’s Day: with the soul

Digital Millennium Mexico City / 21.06.2021 07:04:43 Hector Parra is undergoing legal proceedings in prison, after one of his daughters –Alexa (daughter of Ginny Hoffman) – accuse you of sexual abuse when you were a child. However, the actor repeatedly denied being a perpetrator. In this context, another of his daughters, Daniela, who has defended […]

100 million euros for girls’ education | Current world | DW

The Federal Development Ministry plans to spend an additional 100 million euros to promote schooling for girls around the world. Head of department Gerd Müller told the Funke media group that the corona pandemic had worsened the situation for girls and women. They would often have been the first to lose their jobs. “Worldwide 130 […]