Russia hit a Turkish ship – News

Rewrite this content “There was an attack yesterday, most likely the harbor, and it looks like an explosive shell hit the ship. Turkish ships in Kherson have only minimal crews, so there are no injuries or casualties,” a source told Ukrainian Pravda on condition of anonymity on Wednesday. The Reuters agency wrote that a Russian […]

Archaeologists have discovered a unique shipwreck near Stockholm: Sister Vasa

The Äpplet was built by the same shipbuilder as the warship Vasa, which was constructed a year earlier (1628), the Wreck Museum states on its website. “Dimensions, structural details, obtained wood samples and archival data all point in the same direction – that we have unexpectedly indeed found Vasa’s sister ship Äpplet,” said underwater archaeologist […]

40,000 crocus flowers for a blue flower band, Heilbronn Marketing GmbH, press release

On Saturday morning, a cheerful mayor Harry Mergel, together with construction and environmental mayor Andreas Ringle and green space manager Oliver Töllner headed the 40 volunteer helpers from Heilbronn associations who had set themselves the task of further beautifying the city on the banks of the Neckar and 40,000 crocus bulbs , correct stalk tubers, […]

Dozens of LNG ships are off European shores. They cannot unload cargo

In addition, Spanish gas firm Enagás said on Monday that it may have to refuse LNG offloading due to capacity at its terminals. This raises concerns about Europe’s ability to process the LNG supplies needed to offset the shortfall in supplies from Russian pipelines. LNG will become increasingly important for the Czech Republic Economic Europe […]

California. Dozens of container ships wait to unload

a record number of cargo ships they are waiting to be unloaded off the coast of California. The vessels have been in a ‘bottleneck’ for more than a week in the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach, which work like pthe main maritime gateway to the United States. For what is this? En this […]