Atrocity! The Taliban killed a pregnant policewoman

The family of an Afghan woman who worked as a police officer claims that the Taliban killed her, the BBC reported. According to her relatives, the woman was beaten and shot in front of their eyes at her home in the provincial capital of Gore Firozkoh. They say that she was eight months pregnant, writes […]

Shooting in the center of Trieste: Police budget, 4 arrests – Last Hour

(ANSA) – TRIESTE, 05 SEPT – There are four arrests made so far by the police after the shooting that took place yesterday morning in the center of Trieste; two instead of the suspects of crime for complicity in attempted murder. This is the balance sheet of the Trieste Police Headquarters. Seven Kosovar citizens were […]

Former soldier kills four in Florida shooting

An ex-Marine lost control after taking methamphetamine and began shooting at several innocent people’s homes. In another episode of violence in the United States, four people, including a three-month-old baby and his mother, were killed Sunday in a shooting in Polk County, Florida. A former United States Marine, shouting that he was “a survivor”, began […]

At least 3 dead and 3 injured in a shooting in northwest Washington DC

At least three people have been killed and three injured in a shooting in northwest Washington DCas confirmed by the city’s chief of police, Robert Contee. Authorities received notices of shooting shortly after 7:30 p.m. (Saturday) on Longfellow Street, as indicated by Contee, who has detailed that the suspects have gotten out of a vehicle […]

Shooting occurred in the center of Zaporozhye, five people were injured

Photo: National Police Shooting occurred near a cafe in the center of Zaporozhye The intruders fled the scene in their car. In the area of ​​Severnoye Shosse Street, the attackers were stopped by the patrol police. In Zaporozhye today, on August 29, unknown persons opened fire on the Pribrezhnaya Magistral Street near a cafe. This […]

Three found shot in Kristianstad in Sweden – three arrested

The three who were found with gunshot wounds were found in various places, both indoors and outdoors, according to police. The circumstances surrounding the shooting are not known. Three suspects have been arrested after the shootings. – We will be at the hospital to secure the place, says spokesperson Ewa-Gun Westford to TT. The victims […]

Man accused of shooting couple on El Paso highway arrested – Noticias Ya

(NEWS NOW) .- A man has been arrested and charged with shooting at a couple on a highway in northeast El Paso last June; $ 1 million bond has been set for him. David Sáenz, 36, faces aggravated assault charges for allegedly shooting at passengers in a car on June 19, leaving one of them […]

One dead and one injured leave two shootings in El Paso this weekend – Noticias Ya

(NEWS NOW) .- During this weekend in El Paso there were at least two shootings that left one man dead and another seriously injured. The latest shooting occurred around noon this Sunday in the 8500 block of Alameda Avenue in the Lower Valley. The El Paso Police Department continues to investigate this incident, which, according […]