Wink in the stock market, but the “free” dollar soared

Sovereign dollar bonds operated yesterday with increases of more than 11 percent, after the government officially announced the extension of the debt swap until May 22, while the country risk fell 7.4 percent, to the 3,075 basis points. On the other hand, the prices of the informal and stock market dollars shot up again. On […]

Shooting in GAM housing unit leaves five detainees

Five subjects were detained at the Quirog Basque Unitto mayor Gustavo A. Madero, after firing into the air with heavy-caliber weapons. In a chase, elements from the capital’s police found drugs and a tactical vest inside a van. According to police reports, residents of the Vasco de Quiroga Unit denounced a shooting on the avenue; […]

The blue dollar touched $ 118 and the country risk shot up to more than 4100 points

The markets continue to respond to the uncertainty surrounding the negotiation for the restructuring of sovereign debt, so that the “stock market dollar” (the one that is quoted freely and legally) passed $ 110 pesos. Meanwhile, the situation is also reflected in Country Risk, which exceeded 4100 points after 13, that is, 1.2% more than […]

Shooter kills 16 people in worst shooting in Canadian history

A 51-year-old gunman has killed at least 16 people, including a police officer, in Nova Scotia, Canada, before being gunned down this Sunday after hours of persecution, in the worst such massacre ever in the country. The motivations of the alleged perpetrator of the shooting, Gabriel Wortman, 51, have yet to be clarified by the […]

Canadian shooting: at least 10 people would be injured

(CNN) – At least 10 people were reportedly injured in a shooting in Nova Scotia, Canada, where a gunman was detained after a chase, a Canadian law enforcement officer reported. Details about the wave of shooting, which spanned several dozen kilometers, are still incomplete this Sunday. The agent did not indicate how many of the […]

At least ten killed in a shooting in Canada

Police deployment in the killing area. reuters AG. Monday, April 20 2020, 02:50 AM At least 10 people died yesterday in a shooting that took place in a rural community in Canada when a man traveling in a vehicle similar to the one used by the security forces shot at passers-by, the Mounted Police reported. […]

Several dead, including a police officer, in a shooting in Canada

A member of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police has died this Sunday in a shooting inPickaxe, Nova Scotia.The shooter has also died after being shot The suspect isGabriel Wortman, 51, who was chased by agents on Sunday morning until he was hit at a gas station at 11:40. After the first shots thePoliceHe identified the […]

The “blue” dollar also shot up in the informal market

In the informal market, the price of the dollar continues its upward path. Yesterday the so-called “blue” or informal shot up almost seven pesos, and went on to sell up to 96 pesos, although it is clear that it has no reference price without “little trees” and “caves” closed at forty. Anyway, some that was […]