Another black man shot. Dijon was supposed to break traffic rules on his bike

The fight was to take place after two police officers tried to stop African-American Dijon Kizzee (29), who was to break several road rules on a bicycle. According to their statement, Dijon decided to flee and the police finally caught him a few blocks away. The pair of officers then testified that Dijon should have […]

Bripka Usman fired shots, 3 youths became victims, some were killed

CCTV footage of the shooting incident in Makassar. Photo:, MAKASSAR – Iqbal (22), Ammar (18), and Anjas (23) were victims of the shooting on Jalan Barukang, Makassar, South Sulawesi, Sunday (30/8). Iqbal and Ammar had wounds on their feet. Meanwhile, Anjas suffered head injuries. The shooting victim was immediately taken to the hospital […]

Will Krajčo and Babická realize at all costs? Quarrel by the rules!

“I think we respect each other and do not try to win over each other,” Babinská said according to, who writes Richard’s screenplays for the music videos, he calls her an audio version of the book. “I guess we enjoy it together, maybe that’s why we do so much together,” adds the band’s frontman […]

The Notorious BIG crown up for auction at Sotheby’s – Ultima Ora

by Alessandra Baldini (ANSA) – NEW YORK, AUG 26 – The crown worn by rapper Notorious BIG during a photo shoot taken a few days before being killed and a series of love letters from a teenager Tupac Shakur are the stars of the first auction of Sotheby’s dedicated to the world of hip-hop. An […]

Scandal over Los Angeles mansion party that ended in shooting

Los Angeles United States One dead and two gunshot wounded left early this Tuesday a shooting in a fiesta private in which hundreds of people gathered in a mansion north of Berverly Hills despite the ban on large gatherings due to the coronavirus emergency in California. Chris Ramírez, a spokesman for the Los Angeles Police […]

Photographer Brada Pitta: He stabbed his daughter’s mother

What must have bothered him that he decided to leave the world in such a brutal way? Photographer Saul Fletcher († 52), Brad Pitt’s best friend (56), who accompanied him to almost all film festivals, first murdered his child’s mother and then committed suicide. According to the German daily Bild, a woman called the Berlin […]