PSG: Pochettino should be thanked, Galtier and Mourinho favorites to succeed him

<!– | Published on 5/06/2022 at 08:29 The Argentinian is probably living his last hours as a Parisian coach. The failure against Real Madrid in the knockout stages of the Champions League should be too much for Mauricio Pochettino. Like sporting director Leonardo, the Argentine coach should be thanked by PSG in the near future, […]

Using Police Attributes to Escort Ambulance, Motorcyclist Arrested at the Peak – A driver with the initials H was arrested in the Puncak area, Bogor Regency because he was caught using the attribute police. Police even that fake has to deal with police at the Bogor Police Headquarters, Thursday (12/5). Head of Traffic at the Bogor Police, AKP Dicky Pranata, explained that H was arrested […]

Makes Crying Eid at Mother’s Grave, This Beautiful Toddler Immediately Kisses the Tomb

Make Crying Eid at Mother’s Grave. Instagram @aqillaseshaadreenasetiawan ©2022 – The moment of Eid 1 Syawal is actually a special day spent with parents, family and relatives. However, not infrequently those who have to live the day with deep longing. Either because they are separated by distance, or separated by the fate of […]

This is how to care for and breastfeed a baby when a mother is infected with COVID-19 – Cases of transmission of COVID-19 have increased again in recent weeks. Corona virus can be transmitted to anyone, regardless of age. From adults, teenagers, children and even babies, all of them have the same risk of contracting COVID-19. People infected with the corona virus have various symptoms. People who have mild symptoms will […]

OM: the presenter of Amazon gets wet on the end of the OM season – Interview

Presenter of Sunday Night Football on Amazon Prime, the very good magazine on each day of Ligue 1, Laurie Delhostal spoke about the end of the season for the Olympians, in remarks relayed by The one who grew up with Chris Waddle as an idol could logically have mentioned Ligue 1, the product highlighted […]

MAINTENANCE. Faced with allergies, “we must promote good reflexes”

Allergies are ranked as the fourth most chronic disease in the world, according to the World Health Organization (WHO). Dr. Catherine Quéquet, allergist and author of the book The new allergies. How to recognize them? How to fight them? (editions du Rocher), recalls the good reflexes to adopt. Are allergies a scourge? Yes, almost a […]