these were his last photos he shared on social networks before his death

The death of the driver Fernando del Solar shocked the show business in the country, which adopted the Argentine as if he were another Mexican and to whom he gave all his love during his long entertainment career and his house, TV Azteca. It may interest you: Fernando del Solar dies at the age of […]

cast, when to start filming and when to see it

They are about to start filming One step from heaven 7but this season will see important new entries caused by the farewell to the series Daniele Liotti who played Francesco Neri and had arrived in the fourth season to replace Terence Hill. One step from heaven 7the farewell of Daniele Liotti As for Don Matteo […]

Małgorzata Telmińska TVN24 leaves no vision goodbye

Telmińska on TVN24 most often prepared live reports on social, less political, topics. She specialized in medical and healthy lifestyle. She sent a farewell e-mail on Monday afternoon. – It is impossible to hide – it will be a farewell e-mail. Not too long; let’s say news. After many, many years, I […]

Apple Watch Series 6: take advantage of 22% discount on the GPS model

Investing in a connected watch is an effective way to benefit from all your notifications on the wrist, but also to keep an eye on your physical condition. If you have an iPhone, then it may be interesting to choose an Apple Watch Series 6: the GPS model equipped with a 44 mm case in […]

What to do in Turin and in the province on 18 and 19 June 2022

On the weekend that promises to be very hot, under the Mole Antonelliana there is no shortage of opportunities for recreation. Three main events with music: the Turin Jazz Festival, the European Music Festival in Rivoli and Fuori Campo in Moncalieri (as part of “Moncalieri. Every step, a discovery”). The Castelli Aperti review continues and […]