Four men arrested for the death of a child in Quíbor :: La Prensa de Lara

Euseglimar González | THE PRESS OF LARA.- A debt triggered a fight that ended with a dead child. Officials of the Cicpc Homicide Axis detained four men implicated in the infant’s death, An event that occurred on Sunday in La Ermita de Quíbor, Jiménez municipality. Police sources detailed that on Sunday night Luis Alfonso León, […]

“’Tess hyung!’ Illegal…” Singer Na Hoon-ah strongly warned

Singer Na Hoon-ah announced a strong response. On the 23rd, Im Yoo-yup, head of Danal Entertainment’s music business division, is responding to a thorough crackdown on illegal distribution of the Chinese site of the Untact Concert ‘2020 Hangawi Waiting Korea Again Na Hun-ah’, as well as overseas copyright infringement on content such as video and […]

Detained woman received up to $ 100 for videos of animal abuse :: La Prensa de Lara

Euseglimar González | LARA’S PRESS.– Between 20 and 100 dollars they paid Deyarlick Clarimar Parra LeaHe, 22, known under the pseudonym “Madina” and a native of Barquisimeto, for each audiovisual material where animal abuse is reflected, in whose videos she appears as the protagonist. In a video that was released by the Attorney General’s Office, […]

De facto dollarization accelerates in Venezuela :: La Prensa de Lara

Ana Uzcátegui | THE PRESS OF LARA.- Venezuela is far from formalizing the dollarization of its economy, Although companies such as AKB Fintech emerge that have announced that three ATMs will be installed on November 7, in Caracas, Valencia and Barquisimeto, which will dispense up to $ 200 in cash per customer daily. The information […]

Electoral Court of Bolivia suspended preliminary count of results :: La Prensa de Lara

Agencies | LARA’S PRESS – The president of the TSE, Salvador Romero, reported that the suspension of the new system for the dissemination of preliminary results (DIREPRE) because the test results do not allow assurance of the quick count. He Direpre had been created specifically to provide thes initial results of the October 18 vote […]

They warn about risks of little guarantee in imported medicines :: La Prensa de Lara

Guiomar López | THE PRESS OF LARA.- The recurring practice of replace the sanitary seal in medicines for the import permit, it is the concern that vibrates from the pharmaceutical sector. A measure that reduces the autonomy of the national industry and leaves the medicine guarantee, about the correct formulation. Freddy Ceballos, president of the […]

Two Cuban doctors deserted their work in Venezuela :: La Prensa de Lara

Agencies | LARA’S PRESS – From Cuban doctors deserted on September 27 from their work in Venezuela. The couple made severe complaints about the corruption in the country, he wrote The National. Reinier Sori Estévez He stated that together with his girlfriend Yuli he made the decision to go before “the lies in the handling […]

Entertainment tries to resist but events already jump – Culture & Shows

Try to resist the world of entertainment, to move forward despite the limited capacity puts a strain on the finances, already suffering, of theaters and cinemas. An obstacle race, between stop and go due to outbreaks born here and there, which now the escalation of infections is putting a further strain on. The stop at […]