Patient with cancer dies in hospital with legionella

UDINE – Hospitalized in Udine to be treated for a tumor, he dies after a little less than a month, after discovering that he has contracted legionella pneumonia. The case was reported to thePatient’s Rights Association chaired by Anna Agrizzi, to which the man’s family members contacted asking for “clarity on how, in 2022, in […]

Be aware of the symptoms of epilepsy and how to treat it

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Epilepsy or in layman’s language called epilepsy is a condition of central nervous system disorders. It is very important to recognize the symptoms of epilepsy so that it can be followed up quickly and appropriately. Epilepsy is a condition in which abnormal brain activity results in seizures or unusual behavior or […]

Monkey pox. Patients should avoid contact with their pets as much as possible.

When a person is infected with the monkeypox virus, they must avoid contact with their pet as much as possible, recommends Thursday June 16, 2022 the National Health Security Agency (ANSES). What animals are affected? After the increase in the number of people infected with this virus in many countries outside endemic African areas, including […]

World day of the fight against ALS, a video tells the story of Aldo – Medicina

The celebrations for the World Day of the fight against ALS opened with the presentation of the visual poem “Days at the window”, which tells the dream and imagination journey that a patient experiences through the window of his room. The video dedicated to Aldo, a former Sicilian runner who died of SLA, but also […]

TJ-SP authorizes domestic cultivation of cannabis for therapeutic purposes

Based on the principle of human dignity and the right to life and health, the 3rd Chamber of Criminal Law of the Court of Justice of São Paulo granted a safe-conduct to a man to grow cannabis sativa for the extraction of cannabidiol oil, used in the medical treatment of your child. 123RFAuthorities are prevented […]

Saint Brieuc. Patient Visitors worried about the future of the hospital

They bring a smile to the hospitalized patients and to our elders in the Ehpad (accommodation establishment for dependent elderly people). But they also know how to listen and restore confidence and hope. Visitors to patients in hospitals (VMEH) in Côtes-d’Armor held their general meeting at the Yves-Le Foll hospital, in Saint-Brieuc (Côtes-d’Armor), Wednesday May […]

Influenza epidemic activity continues to decline in Portugal

The National Institute of Health’s Influenza Epidemiological Surveillance Bulletin. Ricardo Jorge (INSA) points out “a decrease in the detection of cases of infection by the flu virus in the last three weeks” and an “excess mortality from all causes”. In week 19 (May 9 to 15), the Portuguese Network of Influenza Diagnosis Laboratories (Hospitals) […]

The Camillians, essential to a “field hospital” Church

The Pope received in audience the members of the Order of Clerics Regular for the Sick, gathered in Rome for their General Chapter in order to actualize the Camillian prophecy today. Francis thanked them for their mission with people in suffering; a lifestyle and an apostolate which combine the “desire for an open and concrete […]

Colombia allows assisted suicide for the sick

The Constitutional Court of Colombia has authorized drug-assisted suicide for patients, under the supervision of a doctor, a first in Latin America, according to a judgment transmitted Thursday, May 13. “The doctor who helps a person in the throes of intense suffering or serious illness and who freely decides to dispose of his own life […]